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Yuusha Party v1c08 

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita - Chapter 8 

ftUfToT Mz 

I tried going to a village. 

Translation by Solistia 

Proofing/Editing by Hobo, MuscleSpark, Flyingjam, Sumguy, Creed, Frost, Dair, Blesserz, and Friasco 


I dropped a heavy sigh. Presently, I was rocking about inside in the Aquarain family carriage. With an unchanging 
scenery outside the window, the carriage was running steadily up the mountain road. And next to me was my 
beloved Cecilia. 

Our destination was the mountain village, Dagaz, a 6-hour carriage ride from Minerva. 

Just a little getaway, alone with Cecilia. ...Is what I would have liked it to be. 

“Wheee-! My first carriage ride-!” 

For some reason Shiek was also here. He was hanging his head outside the window like a dog on the highway. As 
to how this all came about, let’s go back a little in time to this morning. 

“...Morning already?” 

I got up from my bed in my rented room at the inn. Light trickled in through the window, signaling the start the of the 

Looking at the bed next to mine, Shiek was gone. That guy who always slept in the most awkward positions was 
suddenly missing. 

I wasn’t woken up, and he didn’t bother to wake me...where on earth could he have gone? 

“Yeesh, after Hapyneth and Duke left it’s been one thing after another...” 

Since Hapyneth was abducted by Sophia-san, and Duke was taken by Raven, I alone was left to be Shiek’s 

Back when we were in the Demon Castle, the three of us shared that duty. However, I can’t help that they’re already 
gone. They won’t come back no matter how much I might complain. 

Today I had promised to meet with Cecilia. I made myself presentable, then left the Inn and headed to the Aquarain 
family mansion. 


“I’m so sorry. I was suddenly called in for work. And after I was the one that invited you over for tea, too.” 

...Is what I heard upon arriving at the mansion. Apparently some cleric work came in for her to do. She was already 
getting ready to leave in the carriage. Some bandits had descended upon a mountain village, and although they 
were chased off, a large number of serious injuries had been suffered. 

The bandits could attack again at any time, and with no trained clerics in the vicinity they wouldn’t be able to recover 
in time. That is what Cecilia reasoned from the information she was given. 

“It can’t be helped if it’s for work... Oh wait, I know! Take me with you!” 

I had already been looking forward to spending all day with Cecilia since yesterday, so why not? Not only that, I 
wanted to be useful to her as well. 

“...But, this is a job / have accepted. I couldn’t possibly impose on you, Youki-san...” 

“Oh my, I’m sure it would be fine, wouldn’t it dear?” 

As Cecilia was being reluctant, Celia-san suddenly appeared from behind. 

“It could be dangerous if bandits appear again. I’m sure my Cecilia would be fine by herself, however, just in case, 
please take Youki-kun with you.” 

Cecilia thought about it for a moment. Celia-san wanting someone to accompany her daughter was a big deal. 

“...I understand. As Youki-san is also capable of using healing magic, he should be sufficient as a bodyguard. I’m 
sorry to impose upon you, but would you please accompany me, Youki-san?” 

She asked me as if she thought I might refuse, not that she had to be so formal about it. 

This was a chance given to me by Celia-san. I’ll make sure to show off all my good points, and trigger events to raise 
her approval. 

“With pleasure, I would love to accompany you.” 

After hearing more details, it looked like we’ll be staying at our destination for a short while. Two, maybe three days 
lodging in the village. 

Because of that, since I had no change of clothes on me, I had to run back to the inn to gather my luggage. 

“All right, I’ll be right back.” 

I waited until Cecilia and Celia-san were out of sight, then I booked it to the inn. Upon arriving at the Inn, I quickly 
gathered my things, and headed back to the mansion at full speed. Up to this point, I thought it was gonna be a 
small little getaway with just me and Cecilia. 


For some reason, when I got back to the mansion, I found Shiek already inside the carriage. Cecilia was also in the 
carriage, while Celia-san wore a troubled smile that said something like ‘Oh my, oh my, whatever shall we do’. 

Seeing me, Celia-san quickly made her way to me and whispered, 

“I’m so sorry, Youki-kun. Just after you left for the inn, Shiek came by. After we told him what was going on, he said 


he wanted to go too.” 

Apparently, Shiek was just passing by the mansion. I had been wondering where he wandered off to this morning, 
however... If I’d any idea he’d come by the mansion... If only I could have gotten here earlier, or took some 
shortcuts or something! 

“Both Cecilia and I tried to appeal to him that it would be very dangerous, but Shiek-kun started throwing a fit, and in 
the end we conceded.” 

I knew Shiek to be very bull-headed. Older women were especially weak to his young, boyish crying face. That little 
twerp Shiek, once he’s set his sight on something, he gets it. 

“Ah man...Guess there’s no helping it. Even I’m not capable of persuading that kid.” 

Even with Hapyneth and Duke, between the three of us there were still times we couldn’t get Shiek to listen. I’ll just 
chalk it up to having bad luck today. 

“I’m so sorry. Really, I had planned for this to be a short getaway for the two of you...” 

Looks like Celia-san and I both had the same plan in mind. But, since Shiek looked like a little kid, it couldn’t be 

“Well, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ll be going along with Cecilia. And Shiek is kind of a friend anyway. 

He shouldn’t be too much of a nuisance. And though he looked the way he does, he’s proficient with herbal plants 
and has medicinal knowledge, so he could help heal the injured. He could also be counted on in a fight. 

He wasn’t just my underling for show. The truth was, he was plenty powerful in his own right. 

“Oh my, is that so? What a relief. Have a safe trip, then!” 

And just like that, my conversation with Celia-san ended, and I boarded the carriage. 

“Captain- Did you abandon me on purpose-? You’re horrible-” 

Shiek clung to me as soon as I got into the carriage and started complaining up a storm. I’m not a Shotacon so I 
wished he’d hurry up and let me go. Cecilia just cheerfully watched us argue back and forth. 

I’m glad that Cecilia didn’t seem to mind the extra baggage. Back in my old life I knew plenty of my crushes who 
would have had a fit over something like this. 

“Shall we be on our way then?” 

And thus the carriage began its journey to Dagaz village. 

And that’s how we got to this point. 

“Shiek-kun, you really do look like a child like that.” 

And it was true. He was hanging all over the open window just like an over excitable kid. Even though the scenery 
hadn’t changed much at all, he was still having just as much fun looking at everything as when he started. 

“Shiek never got out of the castle much either.” 


When I first set foot outside the castle, I also thought this fantasy world was amazing. Of course it was also in part 
due to his natural childlike behavior, brimming with curiosity. 

“I’m a little relieved you both came with me. I may be done with my work sooner than I anticipated!” 

For sure, with my healing magic and Shiek’s medicinal knowledge we’d wrap this job up nice and quick. Even on the 
off chance the bandits did attack again, I was certain Shiek could annihilate them on his own. 

“Just leave it to us! .. .And if we do finish early.. .could we, maybe, go out somewhere, together...?” 

“Captain-Are you gonna go have fun somewhere when we get back-? I wanna go too-” 

I knew Shiek wasn’t trying to cockblock me, his smile was too innocent. Cecilia was even looking at him with a 
happy motherly gaze. 

And so, my date proposal having ended in failure, I propped my arm up on the window sill overlooking the 
unchanging landscape, and drifted off into my own little world. 

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Yuusha Party v1c09 

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita - Chapter 9 

I tried meeting with a girl. 

Translation by Solistia 

Proofing/Editing by MuscleSpark, and Anonymous Editor-san 

After traveling the long road, we somehow finally made it to the village of Dagaz. Cecilia went over her preliminary 
report with us and, according to her, Dagaz was just a small village with a population of only a few hundred people. 

To get a good grasp of the situation, we did a once over of the village, and it was in pretty bad shape. Homes were 
burnt to the ground and there were traces of battle and blood everywhere that needed to be cleaned up in order to 
makes the crop fields usable again. 

The people passing by had lost the light in their eyes, their faces were pale, and too many of them were bound in 

“It’s worse than we thought. Let’s go visit our client, the mayor, at his home first.” 

In the village was a remarkably large house and I assumed that was the place. So, guided by the villagers, we 
headed towards his home in order to meet the mayor. 

“Oooh! Could it be, the comrade of the Hero who slayed the Demon Lord, Cecilia-sama, has come to save us? 
Thank you ever so much for coming.” 

The old man who came out to greet us was the mayor. His head was wrapped in bandages, and his foot dragged 
behind, seeming to be injured. 

“First, let’s begin by healing you, Mayor. If you could, I’d like you to to gather all the injured people in a central 
location in the village.” 

“Of course, Cecilia-sama. ...By the way, who are those people over there?” 

The mayor was looking at me and Shiek. Cecilia was wearing cleric robes, but Shiek and I were both in our 
everyday civilian wear. We looked like your regular everyday villager and a kid. 

“They are my friends, and both have accompanied me to help carry out your request. I can guarantee they are both 
quite capable, so please rest assured.” 

The mayor easily accepted Cecilia’s assertion about us. Both Shiek and I lowered our heads and looked forward to 
working with Cecilia to help the village. 

Cecilia was depending on me, and the mayor didn’t seem like a bad guy. Shiek’s expression when he bowed wasn’t 
too bad either. Time to get my hands dirty! 


“Leave it to us!” 

“Roger that-” 

Cecilia quickly cast her healing magic on the mayor, then he got to work gathering all the wounded at the central 
plaza of the village. 

The plaza was filled with all manner of villagers, the men and the women, the young and the old. A large amount of 
the village’s young men were among the wounded. 

After healing about half the villagers, Cecilia was already sweating heavily. In contrast, Shiek with his herbal 
medicines and me with my cheat power were bearing the load far better. 

“Cecilia, shouldn’t you take a break for a little bit?” 

If the healer ran out of magic, it would be like putting the cart before the horse. Worst case scenario, she’d pass out 
and not wake up until tomorrow. 

“Haah...haaah.I’m fine, thank you.” 

She didn’t look fine at all, though. Her face was already pale, and she was probably near her limit. I cast the 
elementary magic (Holy Bell) on Cecilia. 

“What...wait a...minute...” 

It was a spell that caused a magic-induced healing sleep on the target with a holy resonance. It was originally used 
to lull crying babies to sleep, but due to her fatigue, Cecilia couldn’t put up any resistance and fell to the ground, fast 

The villagers around her caused a fuss, but I didn’t mind them. 

I asked the mayor to prepare a place for Cecilia to stay so she could get some rest. 

“I’m sorry. Cecilia is already at her limit for today and needs to rest. Could you arrange some lodging for us?” 

The mayor was taken aback by my actions, but my words snapped him out of it. 

“...I understand. However, the only inn we have in the village isn’t in any shape to accommodate you after suffering 
some damage from the bandit attacks. But I have an open room in my home, so please take her there to rest.” 

We had seen the inn burned to the ground when we first took a look around the village, so I had already been 
meaning to ask where we’d stay the night. 

But the mayor was letting us stay in his home. I carried the sleeping Cecilia there, princess style of course. 

“Shiek, I’m leaving things to you for a bit.” 

“You can count on me, Captain-” 

Once I left Shiek in charge of the villagers, I carried Cecilia all the way to the mayor’s house. 

Once I got there, I had the mayor’s wife show me to the room, which turned out to be really dusty. 

They probably didn’t use this room very much. It was a simple room with a dresser and a chair next to the bed, and 
nothing else. 

I laid Cecilia on the bed, then opened the window to air out the room a little. 


“She’ll probably wake up after she’s had a bit of rest. When she does, please ask her to return to the plaza.” 

Although by the time she wakes up, all the villagers should already be healed. I asked the mayor’s wife to relay that 
to Cecilia, then returned to the plaza to continue healing the villagers. 

When almost all the villagers had been healed, Cecilia returned. 

She looked incredibly angry. 

“.Youki-san. I need to have a few words with you.” 

With that smile that didn’t reach her eyes, I knew Cecilia was definitely her mother’s daughter. Shiek was scared out 
of his mind and hid behind me. 

But I could only think that her angry face was cute too...and was able to keep my composure. 

Not only that, I didn’t think I was in the wrong, doing what I did. 

“...I will admit that I was wrong for suddenly casting sleep magic on you. But, if you had continued to heal people 
like that, you would have passed out. I didn’t want that to happen to you, so I resorted to drastic measures.” 

Cecilia gave some thought to my words. Shiek couldn’t handle the tension in the air between me and Cecilia, and 
began to cry. He looked so pitiful, I patted his head to reassure him. 

“Is that so.. .you were just thinking of what was best for me and acted on it, Youki-san?” 

“Uh, yeah, that sounds about right.” 

So Cecilia did understand my side of the story. The tension dissipated and the mood returned to normal, drawing 
Shiek out from behind my back. 

“Is it over-?” 

“Yeah, I guess so.” 

My words got through, and Shiek was also fine, so I declared this issue to be resolved. 



Cecilia suddenly muttered a single word and I could only respond hesitantly. I realized that I had let down my guard, 
and after just a moment, she closed the distance between us. 

“Thank you so very much.” 

She told me with upturned eyes in a pleasant manner. Plus, she added on a beautiful smile. My face flushed bright 
red, and I unintentionally sank to the floor. A different sort of smile then appeared on Cecilia’s face, as though 
everything went just as planned. 

She probably meant it as revenge for putting her to sleep, but it was more like a reward for me. And so, with our little 
argument over, and all the villagers healed up, we went back to the mayor’s home. 

“Oh, while they’re here, why don’t we have them take a look at Tiel?” 

“She wasn’t caught up in the bandit ordeal. And Cecilia-sama must be quite tired, so she doesn’t need to.” 


Is someone still hurt? 1 

“Ah, no, she’s a girl who lives at the edge of town. She wasn’t here when the bandits attacked, so she wasn’t injured 
then. It’s just that...she’s been weak since she was born.” 

She could be suffering from some kind of disease then. If I send Shiek, he might be able to alleviate some of her 

“If you could, please tell us where she lives.” 

“...Is it really all right? You have my thanks. Tiel lives to the east of the village in the forest.” 

So in order to see the girl called Tiel, we headed eastward to the forest. Although it was called a forest, it wasn’t a 
large and dreary place like Othell Forest where I fought the cockatrice. Just calling it the ‘woods’ would be more 

About five minutes in, we came upon a little wooden cabin. So I guessed this was that Tiel girl’s house then? 

“We’re coming in~” 

Without even knocking, Shiek just entered with his weird little greeting. Hey, come on now , I thought to myself as I 
followed in after him. 

The person that lived here must love books. There were numerous shelves absolutely packed with them. Seated on 
a bed farther back in the room and reading a book must be Tiel-chan. For having just let ourselves in, she didn’t 
seem all that surprised. 

“To whom do I owe the pleasure? You do not appear to be from the village?” 

When she finished speaking she fell into a coughing fit. 


“Forgive us for intruding so suddenly. We came at the mayor’s request. I am Cecilia. These two here are my friends, 
Youki-san and Shiek-kun. We have come to cure you of your malady.” 


Is that so?’ 

Cecilia introduced herself and the rest of us. I thought she’d be surprised, but she replied surprisingly composed. 
“Shiek, please check her condition and give her some medicine.” 

Shiek rushed over to Tiel-chan and took a look at the girl. He pulled out some medicine from his pack and gave it to 

“Hmm, this medicine looks good, let’s give it a go-” 

Shiek, you little turd, think about your patient’s anxiety when you talk! Tiel-chan stared at the medicine she was 
given. As I thought, she must be doubtful. 

“Don’t worry. Shiek talks like that, but when it comes to herbal medicine, he knows what he’s doing.” 

“What do you mean, ‘talks like that’-” 

“Whatever, shut up!” 

Shiek looked at me with a huffy expression. I was just being a good wingman, cut me some slack! 

“Excuse me, but I already took it.” 

During our little comedic routine she had already taken the medicine. 


“Let’s see, my body does feel a bit more relaxed.” 

“All right- Then keep taking these medicines for a while, mm’kay-” 

Shiek gave her a plethora of medicines, and instructed her on when and how much to take. It just meant her illness 
wasn’t something that could be cured with a single dose. 

“But you sure were lucky-. Since you were away when the bandits attacked-” 

It’s true, no matter how far her home was from the village proper, it wouldn’t have been odd for her to be attacked as 

“I believe you’re mistaken. It’s not that I have good luck. The village’s Guardian Diety-sama protected me.” 

Tiel-chan completely changed, her eyes shining and her voice strong. I had thought she was a composed 
intellectual, but maybe she was more of an eccentric girl? 

“Guardian Deity?” 

It sounded completely bogus to me. Did they actually have things like that in this world? And even if they did, in a 
tiny mountain village like this? 

“I heard about it from my dearly departed grandmother. A long time ago, when the village was attacked by bandits, 
the Guardian Deity protected them. And just the other day, I was personally protected by Guardian Deity-sama!” 

Tiel-chan looked absolutely enthralled as she regaled us with the tale. Talking like that, we were feeling pulled into 
her story. 


The village had a Guardian Deity legend, and that Guardian Deity protected Tiel-chan.Nope, I really didn’t get it 

after all. 

“So what exactly happened when you were ‘protected’?” 

I had a feeling that something fishy was going on in that story, and it bothered me enough that I wanted to get to the 
bottom of it. 

“I, too, am curious about that.” 

“Me too-” 

“...I understand. I shall tell you.” 

And so, to summarize, what we were told was this: 

After hearing the legend from her grandmother, every day, without fail, Tiel-chan would take offerings to the Guardian 

In her grandmother’s day it was a common practice, but nowadays Tiel-chan was the only one who continued to do 

On the day the bandits came, she was taking offerings to the Guardian Deity, but on her way home a sudden wave 
of drowsiness took her. When she finally came to, she found that she was nestled against the Guardian Deity as she 
slept, and that was how she escaped the struggle with the bandits. 

“Captain- That sudden wave of drowsiness, could it have been a Dark type magic?” 

There was such a spell, the Dark Magic (Nightmare Sleep) . But that spell not only put the enemy to sleep, it was 
also supposed to induce nightmares to torment the target. 

“...Youki-san. I feel a bit suspicious of this village’s Guardian Deity.” 

“That’s not true! Guardian Deity-sama is not suspicious at all!” 

As Cecilia began to doubt the Guardian Deity, Tiel-chan retaliated. She seemed to be completely devoted to her 
Guardian Deity. 

“So, where can we find your precious Guardian Deity-sama?” 

The best thing to do now was see the real thing for ourselves. Then we might be able to figure out ‘Guardian Deity- 
sama’s real intentions. 

“Guardian Deity-sama’s shrine is nearby. If you doubt him to that extent, I’ll take you there myself. Please, follow 

_ )> 

Maybe it was the work of the medicine she took earlier, but she set out at a brisk pace. 

The three of us followed after Tiel-chan and eventually came upon a worn down shrine. The door was half-broken, 
and the roof was falling apart. Even so, there wasn’t a speck of dust or trash to be found. My guess was that the 
frequent cleaning was Tiel-chan’s handiwork. 

“Guardian Deity-sama is inside the shrine.” 

I wondered if there was something like a God doll or statue inside. To make sure it was safe, I carefully opened the 
door so it wouldn’t break further, and found... 




“What the?!” 

The object inside was a stone statue. But, no matter how you looked at it, I could only think it must be... 

“A Demon Statue?” 

I couldn’t see anything else inside. 

It had a demonic face and two horns growing out of its head. On its body were claws and fangs, and even wings. 
There was no way this thing was the Guardian Deity. 

The three of us stood there stunned, while Tiel-chan held up her hands in a prayer by the side of the statue. 

“This is the Guardian Deity-sama that protected me.” 

“Actually, I’m getting the feeling this Guardian Deity isn’t...” 

“I won’t stand for any slander against Guardian Deity-sa...ahum, ahum” 

Tiel-chan fell into a sudden coughing fit. Even though she took Shiek’s medicine, her illness wasn’t healed yet. In 
order to not aggravate her condition further, Cecilia took the girl under her care, and headed back to Tiel-chan’s 

On their way, Cecilia lent the girl her shoulder, and Tiel-chan glared at me. It was a glare that said she wouldn’t 
forgive me if I did anything to the Guardian Deity. 

It’s not like I was gonna break him, so I wished she’d relax a bit more. I watched the girls until they were out of sight, 
then the two of us resumed investigating the statue. 

“Hey Shiek, I’m not the only one who thinks this thing doesn’t really look like some kind of Guardian Deity, right?” 
“Ahaha- Isn’t it obvious-? Rather than a God, it’d be more fitting to call it a Demon.” 

“It really does look like a demon.” 

“Doesn’t it-? If they really made it for the villagers to give thanks to, you would think they would have taken its 
appearance into account-” 

What Shiek said made sense. If you really thought about it, the legend itself sounded strange. If the villagers built 
this thing to give thanks to their protector, then... 

“Could it be that something that looked like this really saved the village? I find that hard to believe.” 

I couldn’t see it as anything but a monster. I had no idea what would cause a monster to protect a village. My case 
was a pretty unique one. Or maybe some human other than me was also reincarnated a long time ago? 

“Captain- Now that I think about it, I think I’ve seen a guy like this before-” 

“What was that?!” 

“There was a trap monster, a Gargoyle, in the Demon Castle that looked like this guy-” 


“...Now that you mention it...” 

I almost forgot about the days I was confined to the Demon Castle. 

Gargoyles were monsters that imitated statues in order to attack. There were a lot of adventurers and bandits who 
fell victim to these guys in the old ruins they inhabited. So why on earth was something that looked like a Gargoyle 
revered as a God? 

“...Is this thing really just a statue? Could it be, it’s a real Gargoyle?” 

As I thought that out loud, the statue looked even more suspicious. Shiek held his dagger at the ready, and I 
prepared to cast my spells. We were ready to enter battle. 

We carefully drew closer, then suddenly its eyes flared to life, and the statue jumped out of the shrine. 

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Yuusha Party vIcIO 

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita - Chapter 10 

I tried listening to the Guardian Deity’s story. 

Translation by Solistia 

Proofing/Editing by Anonymous Editor-san, and Ishman 

Its identity exposed, the gargoyle used the wings on its back to fly into the air. 

Identifying us as enemies, he used the intermediate magic (Dark Gatling) from the air to attack us. A countless 
number of dark magic bullets rained down from above. I instinctively ducked behind a tree to avoid the bullet storm. 

“Just as I thought, you’re a real gargoyle! What’s up with that Guardian Deity bullshit, you’re just a monster!” 

If that gargoyle continued on his rampage, the villagers were bound to notice. If they did , it’d mean all sorts of 
trouble. I needed to defeat him before he caused pandemonium. 

Even though he was flying, I'd have no trouble shooting him down with my magic. Then, as I was thinking about 
taking him down, I noticed Shiek was no longer by my side. Huh, where’d he go? 

I knew how strong Shiek was, and one gargoyle wasn’t enough to bring him down. I looked at my surroundings and 
soon located Shiek. Using the myriad of trees to his advantage, he agilely jumped from branch to branch. 

Shiek may have had wings, but they were useless for actual flight. 

That subject was taboo to speak of around Shiek, so we never brought it up. That’s why he was jumping instead. 

Then, getting behind the gargoyle, without even using the dagger in his hand, he delivered a swift axe kick. 

The fact that the gargoyle had stone skin didn’t matter one bit, and just that one attack ended it. The poor gargoyle 
fell, smack, right onto the ground. The final blow was Shiek making a perfect landing right on top of the creature. 

“That’s a win for me~” 

His smile was so adorable, any ShotaCon that saw it would have definitely had a raging nosebleed. Not being a 
ShotaCon myself, it didn’t much matter to me. 

“Captain- Whadaya wanna do with this guy-” 


We were the ones who readied ourselves for battle in the first place, so I should probably see if we can talk with the 
guy first. 

“Hey you, can you speak? You’ve got some questions to answer.” 


With Shiek still standing on top of him, the gargoyle gave us a glare full of hate. 

“Come now! If you are going to kill me, then just kill me.” 

He replied in a pretty calm and defeated voice. 


“W-w-waitaminute Shiek!” 

Shiek was serious, and already had his dagger ready for a swift downward swing on the gargoyle’s neck, so I 
hastily stopped him. We hadn’t gotten any information out of him yet, so knock it off! 

“You have not come to slay me?” 

“What, weren’t you the one that attacked us first?” 

Well, it was probably our bad, since we were the ones that had prepared for battle, however... 

He admitted fault, lowered his head and apologized. Looks like words did get through to this guy. 

“Shiek, get off him.” 

We might be able to come to an accord, but we wouldn’t get anywhere with the current status-quo. 

Shiek hopped off the back of the gargoyle. The gargoyle then righted himself and massaged his shoulder. 

“Hmm, I apologize for my rudeness earlier. Not only did you know my true identity, you were also having a 
suspicious conversation about the Demon Lord’s Castle. As you lot prepared for battle, I felt I had no choice but to 

So if we hadn’t done anything, we could have started off on the right foot. 

“Sorry about that. So, why is a gargoyle like yourself hailed as the Guardian Deity of a village?” 

They were normally a monster that guarded ruins and castles, not villages. 

“If it’s you lot, I believe I can tell you. Yes, it is a story that occurred several hundred years ago. I was born to protect 
a certain ruin, so I protected it. But there was not a single treasure in the ruin, thusly it held no appeal to humans.” 

That’s true, if there was no treasure to be had in the ruins, I certainly wouldn’t go there. 

Shiek wasn’t particularly interested, and began to yawn. 

“Since no humans ever came to attack, I was bored every day. After a while I realized I was just sleeping most 

“Same as the Captain-” 

Although uninterested, Shiek’s habit of eavesdropping caused him to suddenly laugh. I may have been a total shut- 
in, but it’s not like I was sleeping the day away every single day. 

“I am unsure of what you are referring to, but I’ll continue. It happened one fine day. I was wondering if any humans 
would finally come, and started to fall asleep. But when I awoke, I was some other place, swaying to and fro.” 

“What happened?” 


“It would seem that while I was asleep, I had been removed from the ruins and placed inside some bandits’ wagon.” 
“Ahahaha, so dumb-” 

Shiek couldn’t hold back his uproarious laughter and was rofling. It really was a silly story. 

It would have figured that when something finally happened at his ruins, he slept through the whole thing. But, as a 
shut-in myself, I could empathize with his boredom... 

“Upon realizing the situation I was in, I escaped from the wagon. Of course, I raked those bandits that had taken me 
over the coals.” 

Looks like the bandits weren’t a big deal then. 

“Then why didn’t you return to the ruins?” 

Once he got out of the wagon, he should have immediately gone back to the ruins he was guarding. 

“...I had never left those ruins. I couldn’t guess how long I’d been asleep after I was removed, nor did I know which 
road led back to them.” 

So, in short, he was lost. 

“Ah~, geez it’s so dumb- M-my stomach can’t take it-!” 

Now Shiek was practically roflcoptering on the ground, he was laughing so hard. 

“So it wouldn’t have been easy to just go home?” 

“Indubitably. I knew it was along a mountain road, but nothing beyond that. I began to wander aimlessly, then I saw 
flames in the distance and headed for that area.” 

“And that turned out to be this village?” 

“That is correct. The same bandits that took me were now attacking the village. I didn’t have any intention of saving 
the humans; because they took me however, and were now stealing again, I was grievously offended. So I punished 
them for a second time.” 

So because of that, he became their Guardian Deity. The title seemed to have been forced on him. 

There probably wasn’t even one villager back then who opposed treating the demon as a Guardian Deity. 

“With my anger vented, I took up residence in the shrine. When I did, of their own volition, the villagers began to 
treat me as their Guardian Deity.” 

Then the shrine was already here. I wondered if there was some other Guardian Deity here before he came? 

“I see, so you never had any intention of actually protecting the village.” 

If he had intended to be their Guardian Deity, he would have saved the villagers from the most recent bandit attack. 

“Quite so, I didn’t take out the bandits to save the village. The villagers came to that misunderstood conclusion 

As I thought, he was just a normal monster. He wasn’t of a mind to save humans. 


“...Even so, there was one girl who so wholly believed me to be the Guardian Deity, that she came every day to 
clean, despite her weak body.” 

Must have been Tiel-chan. And he knew her body was weak? Well, probably because he saw her every day when 
she came to clean. 

“I knew the bandits were coming, so when the girl came with her usual offerings, she was the only one I sheltered. 
No matter how many bandits came, I disposed of them all.” 

Seems he was quite powerful. 

A gargoyle is normally a rank D monster, but this guy might have had more powers than normal. He definitely had 
access to intermediate level Dark magic, so he wasn’t someone to be trifled with. 

“You couldn’t be...trying to make a move on Tiel-chan...?” 

Tiel-chan was probably around 14-15 years old. A several hundred year old demon with a still innocent, pure, if a bit 
eccentric, girl... was not something pleasant to think about. My own imagination got the best of me, making me sick, 
then the gargoyle gave his rebuttal. 

“I would be pleased if you did not let your imagination run wild. I have done nothing to the girl. The only exception 
was casting (Nightmare Sleep) on her without inducing the nightmares; she merely slept. This is where my story 
ends. Now, I would like to hear the truth about you lot.” 

True, it wasn’t fair to get his life story without giving ours in return. 

I spoke with Shiek while he recovered from his laughing fit, then explained everything to the gargoyle. 

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Yuusha Party vlcll 

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita - Chapter 11 

I tried talking to the Guardian Deity about what to do. 

Translation by Solistia 

Proofing/Editing by FlyingJam, MuscleSpark, Kura, ElevenAM, KiaW, Creed, JRavana, Quicksylver, and Aaron 

“Ha ha ha. Why, falling in love with a little human missy, you’re even more of an odd duck than I!” 

I was a demon, and Shiek was a pixie. The explanation had been fine up to that point, but when he asked me why I 
was pretending to be human, this was how he responded when I answered. 

“Captain, It can’t be helped- When you first told me, I laughed myself silly-” 

I knew it was unthinkable for a normal demon, but was it really that hilarious? 

I couldn’t help that I fell in love. 

“...Come on. It’s not that funny. You even went and got yourself lost.” 

Mortified by their continuous laughter, I tried fighting back. It seemed to have worked better than I imagined. 


There was an audible crack, like stone skin fracturing. My words had apparently done quite a bit of damage. 

Contrary to his appearance, he was surprisingly thin-skinned. 

“Ye~ah. Lost , lost-” 

I tried to ignore Shiek’s laughing. It was just a snappy comeback, but the gargoyle had taken quite the hit. 

“No...To be lost is humiliating. Alas, I am unable to refute the truth of that statement...” 

Now I had a depressed gargoyle on my hands. His response was much heavier than just a normal retort. Thinking 
about it, I only really knew weird people. Cecilia was the only one amongst them that seemed to have a shred of 
common sense, and she shined all the brighter in my mind for it. 

“Putting all that lost stuff aside, you’re not planning on causing any mischief, right?” 

“Naturally. I merely live in this shrine. I neither intend to trouble the village, nor save it.” 

In others words, he meant neither harm, nor good. 

Even so, he had still rushed to save Tiel-chan when she was in trouble. I’m sure it would be fine if I overlooked that 
small detail, but I still planned to discuss it more with Cecilia when we got back. 


“So long as you mean no harm to the villagers, we’re golden. Shiek, let’s go back.” 


We said our goodbyes to the gargoyle, then returned to Tiel-chan’s home. 

Just as we were leaving, the gargoyle asked us to keep our lips sealed. “Do not tell anyone of my existence,” he 

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t tell anyone other than Cecilia. It’d be a huge hassle if I told any of the villagers anyway. 

When we got back to Tiel-chan’s house, she was sleeping in her bed, while Cecilia was sitting in a chair reading. 
“Thank you for your hard work. ...Did anything happen?” 

She had some questions after seeing the dirty state of our clothes. After making sure Tiel-chan was fully asleep, I 
told Cecilia everything that happened. 

“The Guardian Deity was really a gargoyle? He hasn’t caused any trouble for the villagers, and there hasn’t been a 
request to exterminate him. However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of something happening in the future...” 

Cecilia wasn’t sure where she stood on the issue. I didn’t really mind overlooking his real identity but Cecilia couldn’t 
afford make her decision so lightly. 

“He’s behaved himself for several hundred years already. I’m sure it’ll be fine.” 

“Well, when you put it that way... And there is the fact that he saved Tiel-chan; he does not seem to have any ill- 

“I’m bo~red~” 

Right in the middle of a serious conversation, that little twerp... 

“Go check on things in the village then. If you’re hungry, get something to eat with this.” 

I gave Shiek some spending money, and kicked him out of the house. Now the nuisance was out of the way. It may 
have been mean, but he left for the village in high spirits, so everything should be fine. 

“Is that really all right?” 

“Even if he had stuck around, he wouldn’t really have an opinion on the matter. He just wants to play around right 

“That is true...” 

She was easily convinced. It just went to prove how childish Shiek really was, didn’t it? 

“...So, we were talking about what to do about the gargoyle, but why don’t we hold off on that for now? We still need 
to heal the last of the villagers, and I think we should plan for what to do if the bandits attack again.” 

Plus, if we did anything to the gargoyle, who knows what Tiel-chan would do? Tiel-chan was the biggest advocate 
around for the Guardian Deity. 

“That’s true. Let’s focus our efforts on healing the villagers . Youki-san and Shiek-kun have been such a big help; 
The healing is nearly finished. Then we may be able to do something about the bandits...” 


We then further discussed what to do about the bandits. 

We came to the decision that tomorrow, once the villagers were healed, we would get some information from the 
gargoyle.This would also allow Cecilia to have a proper conversation with him. When we’d finished our discussion, 
we realized night had already fallen. 

“Already that time, huh? We’d best get back to the mayor’s house.” 

We didn’t want to worry anyone by getting back too late. 

“I must agree. Let’s be on our way then.” 

We left quietly so as not to wake Tiel-chan. 

Walking through the woods on a moonlit night, just the two of us, it doesn’t get much more romantic than that. 

I hadn’t experienced the joy of walking with a woman on the street late at night in my last life. 

I was incredibly nervous, but I tried not to let it show on my face. 

I took a fleeting glance at Cecilia, but she didn’t seem particularly nervous at all, just walking along normally. 

“...Is something the matter?” 

“Ah, no, nothing.” 

As I guessed, Cecilia didn’t think anything about it. Seeing me all fidgety, Cecilia tilted her head. 

In the end, even though there was such a good mood to work with, nothing happened on our trip back to the 
mayor’s house. 

I’m such a loser... I should have at least tried to hold her hand! 

“Ooh! Cecilia-sama, you and your friend had us worried, coming back so late. Your other friend came back a while 
ago. He already ate dinner and retired to his room to sleep.” 

Upon reaching the house, a very lively mayor came out to greet us. He was very happy with the progress we’d 
made healing the villagers. 

Shiek must have tired himself out from playing around. He ate his dinner and went to bed without even waiting for 
me or Cecilia? I suppose it was fine since he was just a kid. 

“I’m sorry to have caused you any worry. After we treated Tiel-chan, we lost track of time while we were talking.” 

“Is that what happened? Tiel lost her parents early on, then just 3 years ago, she also lost her last blood relative, her 
grandmother. I’m sure Tiel had fun talking together with you. Thank you very much.” 

He bobbed his head in thanks. We spent more time with a pretty interesting Guardian Deity, but what the mayor 
didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. 

After that, we were treated to dinner. On the menu was vegetable stew and bread. 

“I hope you’ll excuse this meager meal, it’s all we could prepare...” 

“No, no. Considering the circumstances with the bandit attack and all, it’s normal not to have much in the way of 
food. I’m simply thankful you were able to give us any food at all. Time to dig in!” 


I said my piece, then started chowing down on the grub. The mayor’s wife, our chef for the night, was a bit taken 
aback watching me eat so heartily. 

“Youki-san is just that way. I shall also partake in the meal.” 

Cecilia was my opposite, eating quietly and ladylike. Seeing us, the wife looked pleased. 

After finishing our meal, we went over tomorrow’s plans with the mayor before heading off to bed in the late of night. 
“Cecilia-sama, please use the room you were in earlier, and have your friend stay in the room next door.” 

Following the mayor’s instructions, we headed up to the second floor. 

I told Cecilia goodnight, entered my room, and saw Shiek already fast asleep on the bed with that dumb-looking face 
of his. Apparently, we were sharing a room. It didn’t really bother me since it wasn’t any different than usual. 

I needed to heal more villagers tomorrow, and had to get more information from the gargoyle. Being so tired, I 
immediately fell asleep. 

“Today we’re gonna continue healing the villagers, then get some more information from the gargoyle!” 

“We are indeed.” 


It was morning, and we were gathered in Cecilia’s room to go over the plan for the day. Shiek was still half-asleep, 
but I dragged him along anyway. 

“I’m sure the gargoyle has some solid intel, but I also want to hear what the villagers think. Shiek, you better get your 
rear in gear.” 


He didn’t sound motivated at all, would he really do his job? I knew it would have been impossible, but should I have 
tried to bring Duke or Hapyneth along? 

“When we take a break from healing the villagers, shall we go visit Tiel-chan once more? I’m still a bit worried about 
her health.” 

“I think it’s a good idea, since she knows the most about the ‘Guardian Deity’.” 

We’d be able to meet with the gargoyle and have our talk with him after meeting Tiel-chan. After eating the breakfast 
the mayor’s wife gave us, we gathered all the injured people back at the same place, and resumed treatment. 

“Thank you, Cecilia-sama.” 

Many of the villagers, especially the guys, wanted to be treated by Cecilia, creating a long line. I was tempted to get 
rid of the ones that had obvious ulterior motives with my magic. 

“Take care-” 

“Thanks, Shiek-kun.” 

The lady receiving medicine was charmed by Shiek’s adorable smile. There were a lot of young women going to see 



Me, on the other hand... 

“Sorry to trouble you, Youki-san.” 

“Thanks, sonny.” 

“Them’s good healin’s.” 

I had a majority of the older folks. I didn’t hate it or anything, but...I felt like I lost to Cecilia and Shiek. 

“Hahaha...Don’t push yourself too hard with the healing, m’kay?” 

When I used my healing magic on them, the older folks relaxed and conversed with me. It was the kind of talk you’d 
hear at a hot spring resort. As I thought about that, I suddenly remembered about getting information on the 

There was a high chance the elders still knew of stories from the past. This was my big chance, right? 

“Excuse me, but do you happen to know anything about the village’s Guardian Deity?” 

“The village’s Guardian Deity? ...Aah, I do know a little something. It’s that demonic statue deep in the woods. Tiel- 
chan is a devout worshipper of that statue after all. Everyone in the village knows about it.” 

So apparently Tiel-chan was famous in the village. Everyone else in the village, other than her, knew it was a 
demonic looking statue. So that’s why the overly zealous Tiel-chan was infamous. 

“Then is there a reason you call it the Guardian Deity of the village?” 

“Hmmm....l’m not sure. It’s just been passed down as a legend that the demonic statue saved the village. But no 
one knows who made that stone sculpture, and there’s no record of it either.” 

Of course there wasn’t. That statue itself was the one that saved the village after all. I wondered if there wasn’t any 
more pertinent information. 

“But if that’s all there is to it, why is Tiel-chan so attached to it?” 

“Ah, that girl wasn’t always like that in the past. She’d clean or take offerings from time to time, and that was all. But 
you see, one day that girl was attacked by a Red Fang.” 

The Red Fang was a wolf-like monster. It got its name from the blood that would drip from its mouth when it caught 
prey. The name’s origin made it sound scary, but it was still only a piddly little rank E monster. 

“Tiel-chan was 7 at the time, and she has that weak little body, ya know? But when all hope seemed lost, the 
Guardian Deity saved her.. .or so she said.” 

That lying piece of...he had already been saving Tiel-chan for a while! 

“Ehheh~. Then, no one else ever claimed being saved by the Guardian Deity?” 

“Does a bear take a shit in the woods? It’s just an old wives’ tale. No one really believes in that thing. And everyone 
thinks the statue looks creepy, so we never go near it.” 

I see. 


After that, I asked many of the other elders, but it was all more of the same. The healing was done much faster 
compared to yesterday, and afterwards the three of us met up once again to go over the information we gathered. 

“I’m sorry. I tried to ask most everyone about the Guardian Deity, however they ended up asking me a lot questions 

“Me too-...” 

They both felt guilty, but it couldn’t be helped. Their lines were full of the younger generation villagers. Even if they’d 
managed to ask, most of them wouldn’t have known anything about it. Rather, I wanted to beat the shit out of the 
guys hitting on Cecilia. 

“...Youki-san? What strange thoughts are rattling around in that head of yours?” 

“That I want to beat the hell out of all those guys fawning all over you.” 

“Please don’t, it’ll take that much longer to heal did Youki-san manage to gather any information?” 

Cecilia firmly warned me. I’d just have to do it in a way so she wouldn’t find out.. .er, now wasn’t the time for that! I 
imparted to them all the intel I’d gathered from the older villagers. 

“I see.” 


Cecilia was listening intently, taking stock of all my info, but Shiek’s interest was waning. I had no more faith in this 
kid except where medicine was concerned. 

“There are some major discrepancies compared to the info we got from the gargoyle yesterday. It also seemed like 
no one remembered that it had been the result of a previous bandit attack. He doesn’t sound very reliable.” 

“Be that as it may, I would still like to speak with Gargoyle-san for myself.” 

Maybe I was doubting him a little too much, but I felt justified considering the circumstances. We also still had our 
planned visit with him yet to come. 

“Weren’t we going to visit Tiel-chan before that-?” 



Totally forgot about that part. And I couldn’t believe it was Shiek of all people who reminded us. 

“Then Shiek, why don’t you go visit Tiel-chan? It’d be bad if she bumped into the gargoyle while we were talking.” 

We left Tiel-chan to Shiek, then Cecilia and I went to see the gargoyle. 

“You scoundrel, you have broken our agreement. I told you not to reveal my existence to anyone!” 

After we got to the shrine, the minute I told Cecilia about him, the gargoyle stopped his statue-act and raised hell. 


“So you are Gargoyle-san? My name is Cecilia. After the bandits attacked the village, leaving a great number of 
wounded behind, the Mayor requested my aid. So I came to this village to treat the injured villagers.” 

“Hooh...So you were the little missy this demon brat was speaking of yesterday. Well then, did you have business 
with me?” 

Brat? Well, I suppose in the eyes of a several hundred year old guy I’m still just a kid. 

“I came to speak with you about the village. You really have no intention to attack it?” 

“That’s what I told that brat yesterday. I have no interest in attacking the village, nor do I wish to help it. I merely live 

The same answer as yesterday. As I thought, it’d be fine to just leave this guy be. 

Perhaps because it was just like I told her yesterday, she seemed to be satisfied. Ah, but there was one more thing 
we needed to ask about. 

“Hey, I wanted to ask, when Tiel-chan was about 7-years old, did you save her from a Red Fang?” 

“Perhaps...and if I did?” 

“Are you...a ‘Lolicon’?” 


“Ah, you don’t know the term ‘Lolicon’ ?” 

Not surprising that word doesn’t exist in this world. 

“I don’t.” 

“I am also unfamiliar with the term.” 

They asked casually, but they’d probably be surprised by the true meaning. Well, the gargoyle was probably just 
returning a favor, so there wasn’t really any profound meaning behind it. 

“Nah, nevermind, it’s fine.” 

“Come now. You have piqued my curiosity. Out with it, boy!” 

“You leave me with no choice. So this is a word that comes from the world of my previous life...” 

As I was telling them the meaning behind the word Lolicon, the gargoyle grew irate, just as I predicted, and started a 
fight with me. As we brawled he screamed things like ‘I have no such hobbies!’. 

Cecilia let out a deep sigh as she sat in the shrine watching over our brawl. She didn’t even say not to overdo it... 
“Remember this well, brat! I would absolutely never harbor feelings for young girls!” 

The result went without saying. The underdog did not come out on top; the losing gargoyle was left howling in 
defeat. Having lost to Shiek before, there was no way he could have beat me. 

When Cecilia figured the fight was over, she stood up from the shrine, and dusted off her robe. I surmised from her 


expression that she was less than thrilled at the outcome. 

“It appears to be over. ...Youki-san, please don’t provoke meaningless conflict. Truthfully, if there was any meaning 
to this fight, it was beyond my understanding.” 

“It was just a slip of the tongue.” 

“Even so, normally one would come to the conclusion that he was simply returning the favor for Tiel-chan cleaning 
every day. I do not believe he falls under your definition of ‘Lolicon’, does he Youki-san?” 

I winced under Cecilia’s sound reasoning. At this rate, / would look like the bad guy. That was the last thing I wanted 
her to think about me. All righty, sorry gargoyle, but I’m gonna make you into a real Lolicon. 

“But, according to the information we got from the villagers, there was no corpse where Tiel-chan got attacked by the 
Red Fang, all that was left were black burn marks. This guy probably used the senior level Dark magic (Dark 
Blaze) to defeat the Red Fang.” 

Dark blaze produced a flame that destroyed all it touched, leaving nothing behind; Truly a senior level magic spell. It 
was not a spell that a rank E monster like the Red Fang could handle . It was clearly overkill. 

“Just to save Tiel-chan, this guy used a ridiculously powerful spell. Therefore, I could only think that he couldn’t 
forgive the Red Fang’s attack on his beloved Tiel-chan.” 

Yep. A wonderful distortion of the truth, if I do say so myself. Upon grasping the meaning of my words, Cecilia’s eyes 
changed when she looked back at the gargoyle. 

“Brat, quit with your hogwash. Hey, human girly, don’t give me that look!” 

No matter what the gargoyle said, the look in Cecilia’s eyes did not change. Heh heh, Operation ‘Gargoyle is a 
Lolicon’ was a success. Sorry 'bout that gargoyle. I give thanks for your noble sacrifice in keeping Cecilia from 
hating me. 

“Grr...If this conversation is over, I’m going back to sleep. ...I’ll say it once more, don’t reveal my existence to 
anyone else. Especially that little girl!” 

He went back into the shrine and reverted to his statue form . He had run away with his tail between his legs. I 
tapped on the stone skin, but he didn’t react at all. 

“Well, at the very least we can be sure this guy means no harm now, right Cecilia?” 

“...Yes, more or less.” 

I got the feeling she meant that in a more dangerous way than it seemed. I wondered if I really should clear up this 
grievous misunderstanding. Then again, there was a good chance he really was a Lolicon...yeah, I had no idea 
what to do. 

“Youki-san isn’t...that Lolicon thing right?” 

“No worries, my only type is Cecilia.” 

“Wha-?! You can’t just say something like that without any warning...” 

Nothing happened between us yesterday, so I tried to work up a little more courage today. It had been a normal 
conversation up to that point, yet she suddenly turned her head away. My response seemed to have had the desired 
effect. I’m glad she didn’t think it was creepy. 


Then, during our little chat, I felt a sudden murderous intent. 

The murderous intent was coming from the shrine. The demonic statue’s face looked harsh. He was probably giving 
us a warning, ‘quit with your flirting in my presence’. Well, guess that meant it was time for us to move on. 

“Okay, let’s go meet up with Shiek at Tiel-chan’s place.” 

He was just dropping off more medicine, so he should have been done by now. Or rather, he could have gotten tired 
of waiting for us to get back and took off to play with the village kids. I took the still-bashful Cecilia’s hand, and 
headed to Tiel-chan’s home. 

“ why the Guardian Deity is so great. Shiek-kun, are you listening?” 

“Ah ye~ah, I am~” 

When we got into the house, Tiel-chan was speaking passionately about the gargoyle, and Shiek looked like he was 
about to go out of his mind. They were both relaxing on top of the bed. 


“Please wait, Shiek-kun! I have so much more to tell you about Guardian Deity-sama!” 

“Save me-” 

Shiek came running for me, but Tiel-chan had a tight hold on him. Shiek was on the verge of tears. I bet Tiel-chan 
talked to him about the gargoyle the entire time he was here. For Shiek, who loved nothing more than to frolic and 
play outside, this was hell. 

“Youki-san, Cecilia-san, what perfect timing. I can also regale you with the fabulous tales of Guardian Deity-sama...” 
Shit, if we stuck around to listen, who knew what time we’d be able to leave. 

“Oh, sorry. We’re very busy today so we need to be going. Let’s go, Cecilia.” 

“Wai-, Youki-san?! Tiel-chan just wanted to talk to. 

“Shiek, I’m counting on you to gather some good information. Make sure to come back by dinnertime.” 

I felt bad for Shiek, but it was a necessary sacrifice. It would have been difficult to get out of that situation otherwise. 
Plus, he was always talking about being bored, so this was a perfect way for him to pass the time...was the excuse I 
made up just now. 


“That’s a pity, but it cannot be helped. Now then Shiek-kun, to continue where I left off...” 

I ignored Shiek pleading for help, and slammed the door shut. Once again, taking Cecilia by the hand, we returned 
to the mayor’s house. For some reason, this time I was able to take hold her hand naturally. 

“...I really can’t help but feel sorry for Shiek-kun.” 

“He got to play around a lot yesterday, so this much is fine.” 

‘I wonder if he’ll be all right, Shiek-kun...” 

‘Judging by his reaction, it wasn’t a very interesting conversation. ...Still, we got a lot of information from the 


gargoyle, so we shouldn’t have any problems.” 

u » 

Cecilia didn’t say anything after that; Tiel-chan’s zealotry was just that intense. I wondered if Shiek would actually 
make it back before dinner? 

In the end, he did not.. 

Apparently Hel-chan had slept so much the previous day that she wasn’t tired at all today, and Shiek kept her 
company through all her rambling. 

When Shiek finally did make it back, he ate the dinner that was left for him and quickly went to bed. 

I spent the night reflecting on my actions after doing some pretty mean things to the gargoyle and Shiek today. 
Like this, we continued healing the villagers and bothering the Gargoyle for the next few days. 

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Yuusha Party v1c12 

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita - Chapter 12 

I tried protecting a village. 

Translation by Solistia 

Proofing/Editing by FlyingJam, MuscleSpark, Kura, ElevenAM, KiaW, Creed, JRavana, Quicksylver, Aaron, and Lytic 

After the villagers had almost been fully healed, and with the bandits nowhere to be found, I thought it might be time 
to head back to Minerva. 

“Shiek already went to sleep, huh...” 

His current schedule consisted of treating the villagers in the morning, and continuing to listen to Tiel-chan talk about 
the Guardian Deity in the evening. He was plenty exhausted. 

My schedule, on the other hand, only consisted of healing the elderly villagers, then going to bother the gargoyle. 

And now for the aftermath of Operation ‘Gargoyle is a Lolicon’. Cecilia had her doubts about the gargoyle really 
being a Lolicon, and gave me the third degree about it again. 

As I’d thought, I couldn’t pull the wool over Cecilia’s discerning eyes. I admitted that I had fudged the truth and was 
thoroughly lectured, before being dragged back to the gargoyle’s shrine to apologize. 

Even now I can easily recall his triumphant gloating. It had just started out as a joke...if this was how it would turn 
out, should I ever call anybody a Lolicon again? Not a chance, I didn’t want Cecilia getting mad at me again. 

I had things to do tomorrow, so I went to bed early. 

A few hours later, I was awakened by someone pounding on the door. Still half-asleep, I rubbed my eyes as the door 
suddenly opened. It was the mayor, and from his ragged breathing I wondered if he ran to get here. 

“P-please help us! The bandits have begun a night attack. The young ones are fighting back, but most of them are 
still recovering...they won’t last long!” 

“Got it. Is Cecilia already awake?” 

“My wife just went to wake her.” 

“All right then, Mayor, I want you to stay here in the house. I’m going now to annihilate those bandits.” 

The mayor nodded and left the room. 

“Shiek, wake up!” 

“Wh~at Captain-, still sleepy-” 


Shiek sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes. I could understand his exhaustion, but this was an emergency 

“It’s a night attack by the bandits. The villagers requested our help immediately.” 

“Okay-, got it-” 

Shiek pulled out his dagger with one hand, then jumped out the window. I was going to use magic, so there was 
nothing to prepare. Just as I was about to leave the room, I ran into Cecilia. Robe donned and staff in hand, she was 
fully prepared for battle. 

“Youki-san! Let’s hurry!” 

“Don’t I know it." 

We left the mayor’s house in a hurry. Before us was a scene of villagers and bandits engaged in battle. 

The clash of weapons echoed in the night under the light of the moon. 

The attack was sudden, and the villagers weren’t back to 100% yet; The bandits had the upper hand. However, 
running around the battlefield, Shiek was upsetting the flow of battle. 

“Now di-?!” 

Shiek confused his opponents with quick and tricky maneuvers, and slashed the bandits one by one. In pain, the 
bandits were set upon by the villagers, and they took full advantage of the openings Shiek created. 

“This fucking Braaaaat!” 

Of course there would be bandits that tried to take Shiek head-on. A 2 meter (6’5"ft) giant bandit swung at Shiek with 
his large axe, however... 


Shiek leapt high, and brought his leg down with his signature axe kick right on top of the bandit’s head. 

The bandit collapsed backwards, and Shiek made a perfect landing right on top of him. 

He then returned to running around the battlefield, injuring bandits as he went. 

“Shiek-kun is strong. More so than I had imagined...” 

“Using his light body to his advantage and throwing the enemy into confusion is his specialty. And of course he’s 
strong. He wasn’t my former minion just for show. All right, let’s kick this pig!” 

I couldn’t let Shiek have all the fun, not when I could finally let loose for once. I left the rear support to Cecilia, then 
ran towards the bandits. 

“ (Lightning Flash) , (Storm Blow) ” 

Then following Shiek’s direction, I ran towards Tiel-chan’s house with Cecilia not far behind. Maybe it was just my 
imagination, but I felt worried, even though I knew Shiek wouldn’t lose to guys like that. We ran through the woods, 

“.. .What the hell is this?” 


We found fallen bandits, a gargoyle missing an arm and a wing, and a crying Tiel-chan. Then Shiek came into view, 
utterly thrashed and fighting some strange, mysterious man. 


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Yuusha Party v1c13 

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita - Chapter 13 


I tried losing my shit. 

Translation by Solistia 

Proofing/Editing by FlyingJam, MuscleSpark, Kura, ElevenAM, KiaW, Creed, JRavana, Quicksylver, Aaron, and Lytic 

“You’re...not a villager. Hey now, we’ve got a celebrity here. Though the guy next to you looks like a common 

“You are...?!” 

Cecilia seemed surprised seeing the strange man, meaning that she might know something about him. I really 
wanted to ask about it, but now wasn’t the time. Shiek was in trouble. 

“But before that, knock it off you little...brat!” 

Shiek’s dagger was parried, and the man delivered a strong kick into his stomach, sending Shiek flying in our 
direction where he slammed into a tree.. He slid down to the ground, only to stand back up again. 

When I looked at his face, the smile that should have been there was missing. Not because of the wounds, but 
because he was thoroughly pissed off. His mouth was closed, and his eyes were full of hatred as he glared at the 

Again he faced the man, but I stopped him with a firm grip on his shoulder. 

Even if Shiek attacked the man again, Shiek would still be the one defeated. Cecilia quickly used her healing magic 
on him as he was covered in wounds. 

“Captain...this isn’t funny at all...” 

Like that, he gripped his dagger, clearly intending to attack the man again. This time, I stopped him by pinning him to 
the ground. 

“Calm down! Tell me exactly what happened.” 

“That guy...took us by surprise, and attacked the gargoyle from behind while he was defending Tiel-chan from the 
bandits. .. .When we asked why, that guy said it was because he was a gargoyle, and a gargoyle is a monster.” 



“Come on now-, is it wrong to kill a monster? Even though I took the bastard down, that kid there attacked me out of 
nowhere. If you’re his guardian, teach him some goddamn manners.” 

Just being a monster wasn’t a good reason to kill someone. Whether it was because Shiek felt ridiculed or mortified, 
he let out a soundless cry. 

“If you’re just gonna cry, don’t bare your fangs at someone. Though I suppose you’re just at that age, but you chose 
the wrong opponent, little boy-” 

The man continued to ridicule Shiek. Shiek and the gargoyle. 

And so, this bastard who would kill a monster arbitrarily... 

I would never be able to forgive him! I used (Lightning Flash) to strengthen my legs and narrowed the distance 
between us, then channeled (Storm Blow) into my arm and punched him. However, the man blocked the attack 
with his sword. 

In an instant (Storm Blow) , the spell I had on my arm, was nullified. 

“Shit, what’s up with that sword?” 

I was sure that sword was the reason my magic was canceled. 

It wasn’t a particularly remarkable one handed-sword, but... Damn, I couldn’t even think, I was so angry. 
“Youki-san, please get away! He’s not an opponent you should fight.” 


While Cecilia healed Shiek, she calmed my rage. 

“Cecilia, do you know this guy?” 

“He’s the Hero from the Gallis Empire. His name is Mirror, the sword he wields is an artificial magic sword called 
(Magic Eater) . It absorbs all magic, and for someone like Youki-san who only uses magic...” 

“Wait wait wait, the Gallis Empire’s Hero?! There’s another Hero out there besides Hero-kun?” 

I totally thought Hero-kun was the only one called Hero out there, but it looked like I was wrong. And that artificial 
magic sword had me intrigued. 

“Yuuga was just the Clariness Kingdom’s chosen Hero; all the other countries had their own chosen Heroes as well. 
We were just the only ones that made it to the Demon Lord’s castle.” 

Having locked myself away in the Demon Lord’s castle, I had no idea. Cecilia and her party were the only ones that 
came to my Mid-boss room. Duke and the rest never had any information for me either. 

“Then, what’s up with this artificial magic sword?” 

“The Gallis Empire created it using a great many powerful swords. There’s also rumored to be a spear and hammer 
as well, but...” 

“Then what sword was Hero-kun using?” 

“That was a legitimate holy sword; the Gallis Empire sought to make something like a replica.” 

If they were really able to create something as dangerous as that, doesn’t that mean they were looking to start a 
war? It seemed like the guy beat Shiek using only his sword skills, and absorbed any magic that came his way. How 

“And just how long are you gonna chitchat? If you’re not here to get in the way, then get out of the way. And shut the 
fuck up!” 

After interrupting us, Mirror, the Hero of the Gallis Empire, walked up to the gargoyle. He was going to deliver the 
final blow. 

“Wait! That gargoyle saved Tiel-chan, he wouldn’t attack people...” 

“What fucking bullshit are you spouting? It doesn’t matter if a monster is good or evil. And me? I just want to kill ’em 

.. .What did he just say? That’s the line of a psychopathic killer. 

“Youki-san, right from the very start that man had no intention of defeating the Demon Lord.” 

“What?! Then why’d he become a Hero? He was selected by the empire, I wouldn’t think he’d have a choice.” 

“No. He did choose to become a Hero, but his reason for it-” 

“It’s the greatest excuse to kill as many monsters as I want. It was a pain in the ass having to get a quest for every 
single one of them from the guild, ya know? That’s why I wanted to become a Hero.” 

He kicked Tiel-chan aside with a hearty laugh, then sliced through the gargoyle’s last remaining wing. 
“Guardian Deity-sama-!!” 


“Oh, hey now, if you get in my know what’ll happen, eh?” 

He threateningly pointed his sword at Tiel-chan as she rushed over to save the wingless gargoyle. 

“Please wait! If you, the Hero of the Gallis Empire, took the life of one of the Clariness Kingdom’s citizens, do you 
have any idea what would happen...?” 

“Don’t know, don’t care. If you wanna start a war, be my guest, it ain’t got nothin’ to do with me. And what’s this? Are 
you telling me the noble Lady of the Aquarain family wants to be my next victim?” 

Pointing his sword at Cecilia now, he was grinning and laughing to himself, 

Although his previous conduct and behavior had already reached unforgivable levels... now... NOW he crossed the 

Something snapped inside me. 

Not wanting to go down without a fight, Cecilia raised her staff and began channelling magic but I interrupted her by 
grabbing her shoulder and pulling her behind me. 


Cecilia noticed the sudden change in me and was disquieted. But now that it had come to this, there was no 
stopping me. 

“Huh? You’re gonna take me on? Sorry, but I think I’d have more fun with that little Aquarain bitch over there.” 

He thought he understood the extent of my power from our little exchange earlier. Don’t look down on a cheat, 
buddy. No way in hell that was my real strength. Some little scrub who was good with a blade and relied on a magic¬ 
absorbing sword...get set to get rekt! 

“Mwahahaha, I’ll send you to a special kind of hell. Prepare yourself!!” 

Making Shiek and Tiel-chan cry, messing up the gargoyle, and to top it all off, pointing a blade at my beloved Cecilia, 
he was going to regret all of it. 

“What on earth do you think you can do? Bring it on, Villager boy—” 

Now he was even mocking me, but not for long. 

“Heh, here we go! (Fireball) (Thunderbolt) (Aqua Vulcan) (Wind Blade) (Rock Needle) !” 

I fired off elementary level magic for Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind, and Earth. 

“Surprisingly powerful, but futile. Don’t you know that won’t work?” 

He wore a carefree smile while his sword absorbed all of the spells. But I wasn’t done just yet. That was just a 

“ (Spark Storm) (Aqua Stream) (Gale Shoot) !” 

I combined intermediate level Lightning, Water, and Wind spells together. 

The Wind magic added momentum, and the raging stream wrapped in Lightning tore through the ground to Mirror. 

I told you, that won’t do jack shit! 


Once again, the blade cut through the magic and absorbed it. Mirror had a huge grin aimed at me. I’m sure he 
thought I was an idiot. 

“I’m getting bored here, hurry up and take a hike!” 

He ran to me and slashed with his sword. Using (Lightning Flash) I managed to avoid Mirror’s swing. His skill 
with the sword was impressive, but it mattered little to me. 

“Ya know, you’re good at dodging and all, but how about pulling out a goddamn weapon? You know magic doesn’t 
work against me. At least with a weapon you’d have a chance!” 

“Bwahahaha, unfortunately for you I won’t be using any weapons. All those who oppose me shall be consigned to 
oblivion by my magic.” 

There was a simple reason as to why I didn’t want to use weapons: I had reincarnated in a fantasy world, and I 
always thought that people who used magic to defeat their enemies were really cool. 

I may have had a cheat, but I never really wanted to wield a proper weapon in the first place. Being a demon, I did 
have sharp claws to use as a natural weapon, but I didn’t really feel like using them right now. 

“You’re some kind of super moron, you know that? You could fight against me for the rest of your life and never win\ 
(Blade Wave) !” 

He was continuously frustrated with me dodging all of his attacks, and finally released a wide-ranged shockwave 
with his sword. 

I could have easily dodged the attack, but Cecilia and everyone else would have received the brunt of the 
shockwave, so I took it head on. 


Cecilia’s voice resounded through the air. Aw shit, having the girl you’re in love with worry about you is great, it 
fanned the flames of my passion! 

It would have been nice to drag this moment out a little longer, but playtime was over. I dispersed the shockwave 
with my magic, then put some distance between Mirror and myself. 

“See if you can absorb this\ (Burn Waltz) (Sea Paradise) (Hyper Storm) (Roaring Thunder) (Heaven 
Judgement) (Falling Meteor) !” 

I cast Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Light, and Earth type Superlative level magic. Likely the only magic user capable 
of such a feat was me. 

Even Mirror was a bit surprised, but still managed to absorb the magic with a slash of his blade. 

“But wait, there’s more! (Burn Waltz) (Sea Paradise) (Hyper Storm) (Roaring Thunder) (Heaven 
Judgement) (Falling Meteor) !” 

Once again I cast Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Light, and Earth type Superlative level magic. 

It was only an artificial magic sword after all, there had to be a limit to how much magic the blade could absorb. This 
realization slowly spread over Mirror’s face as well. 

I repeated the volley of Superlative level magic 4 times, and finally his sword started to crack. Then, on the fifth 
volley, the cracks spread and finally the whole thing broke apart. 


“Fuck! Just how much magic do you have?!” 

His precious sword was broken by a guy he severely underestimated, thus Mirror completely lost his composure. 
However, I wasn’t so nice as to wait for my opponent to recover. 

“You’re full of openings!” 

Without even the time to panic, I gifted him a straight punch right into his face. He was blown backwards, and 
awkwardly rolled across the ground. 

Unable to contain my anger, I cast (Falling Meteor) and (Burn Waltz) in rapid succession. 

When the smoke cleared, Mirror collapsed on the ground, utterly thrashed. 

“Making me angry was your biggest mistake.” 

And of course, at the end, I gave my signature pose. 

When I looked back, Cecilia was holding her head as if she was face palming. Tiel-chan was attending to the 
gargoyle and didn’t see me at all. 

And here I thought I’d be showered with praise at my victory. Well, it’s not like I wanted any recognition for my 
success, so I didn’t worry about it much. I was more concerned with how Shiek was doing and jogged over to 

“Well done, Youki-san. ...But was that last part really necessary?” 

That last part’ was probably the signature pose. 

“Er, well, it was like a switch flipped inside me, and I kinda got all jazzed up. So after battling for a bit, I just naturally 
fell into my signature pose when the fight ended...” 

Switch inside of me...I dub thee Chuuni-switch. 


Cecilia didn’t look convinced. She didn’t understand the concept of Chuunibyou at all. 

“Anyway, how’s Shiek doing?” 

“He has a number of cuts, but no serious wounds, so 2-3 days of treatment and he should be as good as new." 

“I see, thank goodness. Next, to heal the gargoyle-” 

At that moment, sensing a presence I quickly turned around. Mirror, who should have been defeated, threw a spear 
at the gargoyle. He used the spear to cast (Holy Laser) . The moment the attack hit, the magic would explode. 

“Shit, now’s it’s an artificial magic spear?!” 

I had no choice but to stop it. I cast (Lightning Flash) , and jumped over to the gargoyle. 

Would I make it in time? 

However, as I ran, an unbelieveable scene unfolded before my eyes. Standing in front of the gargoyle was Tiel-chan. 
At this rate, the spear would pierce Tiel-chan instead. Please let me make it in time! I prayed as I drew near the 


spear and reached out to catch it. 

However, reality is cruel, and the spear went through Tiel-chan, piercing her abdomen. 

“Girl, why did you protect me?!” 

“Guardian, Deity-sama...You have, protected me, so many, times. That’s why, this time...” 

“Nrg, boy!” 

“I got it. Cecilia! Hurry!” 

I grabbed the spear and pulled it free. Blood poured out from her abdomen when I did. As I knew she’d collapse to 
the ground, I quickly went in to support her body. It was a dangerous situation, and her body was already weak. We 
had to hurry and use healing magic to close the wound. 

“Youki-san, behind you!” 

Cecilia ran towards me, yelling. When I looked at Mirror, he was firing off another shot. 

“Don’t fuck with me!” 

The second shot was aimed again at the gargoyle, but this time I was able to easily catch it and nullify it. Finally 
noticing me, he refrained from firing a third shot. 

“Haah... So a different nuisance got in my way this time. Is it really impossible now that Villager boy is here?” 

Mirror, the “Hero” of the Gallis Empire, should have been a mess from our fight just now, but it looked like he was 
already healed. 

Cecilia finally made it over, so I entrusted her with continuing Tiel-chan’s healing, then headed over to Mirror. Unlike 
before, I didn’t snap. On the contrary, I was strangely calm. I approached Mirror with no expression showing on my 

“Honestly, I was here to investigate the Clariness Kingdom’s Hero. I just so happened to pass by this village.” 

There’s a limit to how much he could mess around; Tiel-chan and the gargoyle were in a terrible state because he 
‘just so happened to pass by’. As I thought, he was unforgivable. 

“I still can’t believe it; my sword (Magic Eater) breaking was outside my expectations. And I took way more 
damage than I should have. Thanks to the (Wand of Magical Storage) , I was able to heal up just fine, but it has 
limited uses. Still, you gave me quite a run for my money, so it’s all good. I don’t even care about gathering 
information on the Hero anymore. I’ve gotten my hands on some even more amazing intel.” 

“You think you can escape?” 

I had a feeling I was going to have to beat this guy senseless. I couldn’t let him escape. 

“You really are an idiot, Villager boy. Did you really think I wouldn’t have an escape plan?” 

Mirror then took out a bow he had hidden behind his back and loosed an arrow. It flew in an arc, and as it got higher, 
it kept multiplying until it was about to rain arrows upon Cecilia and the others. 

“If you don’t protect your friends, they’ll be hit by the arrows-” 



I rushed to Cecilia’s side, and used the senior level magic (Hurricane) to blow the arrows away. 

When I looked back for Mirror, there was a blinding flash. 

I opened my eyes to find he was gone. He got away. 

He slayed bandits, hurt Shiek, and severed the gargoyle’s arm and both wings. There was also Tiel-chan’s weak 
body to worry about; the whole situation was pretty bad. He better not think this was over yet... 

He couldn’t have gotten far yet. If I hunted him down, I should find him. I wouldn’t rest until he was crushed. 

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Yuusha Party v1c14 

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita - Chapter 14 

M.MzR'dX frtz 

I tried being a demon again. 

Translation by Solistia 

Proofing/Editing by Lytic, Kura, and ElevenAM 

“Cecilia, this situation is entirely my fault.” 

I had assumed Mirror was down for the count and completely let down my guard. 

“Youki-san, you are not the only one at fault. I wasn’t able to do anything either.” 

Cecilia replied apologetically while healing Tiel-chan’s injuries. 

No, / was the stupid one here. Lately, I’d been having so much fun that I’d become complacent. My body had the 
cheat power of infinite magic. But in the end... that’s all it was. 

Like this, could I protect the girl I liked? Did I really think everything would always turn out all right? This world was 
not as kind as I had once thought. Could I still change this situation if I needed to? No, not if, I had to. 

I was determined to meet that end. 

“Cecilia, the villagers aren’t likely to come around here, right?” 

“I don’t think they would.” 

“Tiel-chan passed out from the pain, and the gargoyle seems like he’ll be fine. And anyone else in the area...?” 

I looked around to make sure no one else was there. I didn’t sense any other presence, so it should be fine. 
“Youki-san, what are you planning?” 

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m gonna beat the shit out of Mirror. Also, I’m gonna make sure he doesn’t underestimate monsters 
ever again; I’ll give him a bit of a trauma. Don’t worry, I won’t kill him.” 

Although I’d beat him within an inch of his life. 

I’d always stopped them before, but now I let my horn and wings regrow. I used magic to boost my physical strength, 
giving myself more muscle mass. My shirt got shredded, but that worked in my favor. I couldn’t change my face, but I 
could wrap my scarf around the lower half of it to hide it. 

The finishing touch was a wig Cecilia had given me to help disguise myself before. I had brought it along just in 
case, and was thankful I did. 

My previous appearance didn’t hold a candle to this one, I was like a completely different person, a monster 


standing over 2 meters (6’5") tall. 


Cecilia was surprised by my new form. Maybe she’d be captivated once I returned. 

“Okay, I’m off. Take care of Tiel-chan.” 

I imparted her with those words in a lower voice than usual, then flapped my wings and headed for the woods to 
search for Mirror. My usual Chuuni didn’t even rear its ugly head, I was perfectly calm as I carefully searched the 
woods for him. 


I heightened my perception of smell and sound for a few minutes. 
Spotting Mirror from the air, I swooped down in front of him. 


“Tch! Why the hell is a demon in a place like this?!” 

All right, he didn’t recognize me. He viewed me as an enemy and drew his sword. Really, another artificial magic 

“Hey, I already had my fun for the day and would like to get home. So hurry up and meet your maker!” 

Mirror slashed at me, but using my wings I got behind him, grabbed his head, and slammed him into the ground. 

He made a weird sound. I flapped my wings to put a little distance between us. I could have taken that chance to 
beat the hell out of him as he lay defenceless on the ground, but that wasn’t how I wanted to do this. Mirror slowly 
rose and scowled at me. 

“Goddammit, ‘the fuck is wrong with you?!” 

“Scum, you have the gall to take the arm and wings of my subordinate, the gargoyle? That gargoyle is my loyal 
servant. For the wounds you have wrought upon my servant, you deserve certain death.” 

I came up with a good lie on the spot to beat the ever living shit out of Mirror. Mirror clicked his tongue and threw a 
baton into the air. A torrent of light erupted from the baton, lighting up the area. So, that baton was the source of the 
light he had used to escape earlier. Too bad, I wasn’t stupid enough to fall for the same trick twice. 

“ (Bright Eater) ” 

The spell was a dark type magic that devoured light. Light-hating monsters used the spell on their dwelling to clear 
away said light, but it could also be used in cases like this. 

The flash quickly disappeared, revealing Mirror stupidly trying to escape. With is back wide open I quickly closed in 
on him while lengthening and strengthening my claws, then carved a large X into his back. 

“Gaaah?! Why did the (Flash Baton) ’s light...” 

He looked like he was about to fall, but somehow managed to maintain his balance. Even if he’d fallen, his 
punishment still wasn’t over. 

“It’s gonna be a bitch, but I gotta fight.” 

For whatever reason he was grinning ear to ear. First he was running, now he thinks he can win? If so, he’s quite the 
optimistic guy. This time I’m a demon at full power. Although since he doesn’t know it’s me, it doesn’t really matter all 
that much. 

“Just diiee!” 

Mirror drew his sword and came at me. Again, brazenly coming in from the front like an idiot; he really needed a 
combat lesson. Flying around behind him, I grasped his sword arm and mercilessly broke it. 


Mirror managed to suppress his voice without screaming, dropped his sword, then put some distance between us. I 
was rather impressed that he didn’t scream. 

“Shit fuck.. .why is there still such a strong demon around after the Demon Lord was already killed?” 

He glared at me while grabbing his broken arm. If he still had enough energy to glare, he was still fine. I had no 


intention of giving him any time to rest. I drew in close and delivered a powerful kick to his abdomen, sending him 
flying like a soccer ball. He only stopped when he collided with a tree. 

“I am yet to be sated. Scum, you would be wise to prepare yourself.” 

I needed to get back to Cecilia soon, so it was time to end it. I was no longer the human Youki, but the demon Youki, 
and I could be as cruel as I desired. Time to beat him within an inch of his life. 

Mirror took a dagger into his unbroken hand, and came at me again. He was faster than before, and I deduced the 
dagger was the source of his enhanced speed. Still, it was useless against me. 

Punching him with all my strength, he slammed into the ground hard enough to cause a small tremor. He stopped 
moving, and I used that time to fly into the air, then, using the momentum of the fall, I drove my fist into his gut. I 
could hear the sound of bones breaking. He coughed up blood, so a number of organs must have been injured. 

As Mirror collapsed, I proceeded to break both his legs, along with every single weapon I found on his person. 

I then grabbed Mirror by the scruff of his neck, and used my wings to take off into the sky. After a bit, I reached our 

“Gahah... Where...are you taking, me...?!” 

I thought he’d resist, but it took all he had just to speak. He had injuries to one arm and both legs, broken bones, and 
damaged organs. I had also destroyed all his remaining weapons. He was in no condition to fight. 

Our destination was a river. 

Previously, Cecilia told me it’d be a good idea to learn more about the geography of the land, so I had studied a bit. 

If I remembered right, this river lied near the border of the Gallis Empire. 

“Hey, it couldn’t be, you...” 

“You are not even worthy to die by my hand, cur.” 

“Ah, ahahahaha, don’t fuck with me! I’ll never forgive you for this! This humiliation...” 

I let go of the grip I had on his neck. With a crazy smile on his face, Mirror dropped into the river. 

If he was lucky, he’d wind up back in his country. I promised Cecilia I wouldn’t kill him after all. I made sure he fell 
into the river, then hurried back. 


After I landed, I reverted my muscles back to normal. My jacket and pants were shredded, but it couldn’t be helped. 
...I wondered what the villagers would think happened when I returned? I was worried they might think me a pervert. 

“...Oh whups, almost forgot.” 

I broke off my horn and removed my wings. It hurt like a bitch, but I endured it. 

Finally, I removed the wig and put it in the tattered pocket of my jacket. I was back to being the human Youki. 

“I’d best be getting back to Cecilia now.” 


After completely crushing Mirror, I ran back to my beloved Cecilia. 

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Yuusha Party v1c15 

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita - Chapter 15 

IIIttlT frtz 

I tried making a request. 

Translation by Solistia 

Proofing/Editing by Lytic, Friasco, Aaron, and Quicksylver 

It’s been a few days since I beat the living daylights out of Mirror and tossed him into the river. 

After that, I made my way back to Cecilia, who had been rather worried about me. In particular, she didn’t know what 
to think when I had taken on my demon form. I had to take that form to instill the fear of demons into Mirror, but... 
Cecilia wanted me to continue living my life in my more human form. 

I had my own reasons, but I became a demon in body only. If at all possible, I never wanted to take my demon form 
again. Right now, I just wanted to live my life as the human Youki. 

I wondered if it was from the shock of losing the fight, but ever since then, Shiek had been down in the dumps. 
Cecilia and I did our best to cheer him up, but it wasn’t very effective. At this rate, I’d have to rely on Duke and 
Hapyneth to do something about it when we returned home. And if even they couldn’t manage, my last resort would 
be Celia-san. She was very fond of Shiek, so I hoped she’d be able to do something for him. 

Through our healing magic, Cecilia and I somehow saved Tiel-chan from almost certain death. 

She was in really bad shape, but the Gargoyle never let go of her hand, and that may just have been what kept her 
hanging in there. That same gargoyle had lost both his wings and an entire arm. 

That wasn’t something healing magic could fix. He, himself, said not to bother worrying about it, but it was sure to be 
all kinds of inconvenient. 

Cecilia contacted the knights, led by Raven, to take care of incarcerating the captured bandits. 

We met a lot of people and dealt with a bunch of incidents, but today we were finally leaving Dagaz Village. 

At the moment, we were packing up our things at the Mayor’s house. We’d lived here for over a week, and I felt a 
little sad to leave. 

“Shiek, did you get your things all packed up?” 

Shiek was moving slowly, packing his clothes and medicine-making supplies into his rucksack. His only response to 
me was a small tilt of his head. 

There was nothing we could do if Shiek hadn’t gotten over the shock by now, so Cecilia and I gave up on trying to 
help. He was still young, and this was the first time he had ever hit a such a high wall. 

“When you’re done packing you can go play outside. You made friends with some of the local kids, right? This might 
be your last chance to play with them, you should go.” 



He slung the packed rucksack onto his back and jumped out the window. 

.. .Why couldn’t he just go out the front door? 

“...It’d be nice if he could cheer up a little bit at least.” 

I hoped the village kids could get Shiek in a better mood while I finished packing my own belongings and cleaning up 
the room. Just as I got to a point where I could take a break, there was a knock on my door. 

“Youki-san, is it all right for me to come in?” 

I heard Cecilia’s voice from the other side of the door. 

“Yeah, it’s fine.” 

After I answered, she opened the door. As she entered the room she glanced around. 

“I see you’re all done packing. And cleaning the room... hm? Where is Shiek-kun?” 

“It’s our last day here, so he jumped out the window to go play with the village kids.” 

“...Is that so? We still have plenty of time before we depart, so I don’t see any problems.” 

Cecilia also didn’t mind Shiek’s absence. 

“So, do you need something?” 

“Yes, as I said, we still have some time before we depart, so would you come with me to see Tiel-chan and Gargoyle- 
san? “ 

I guess we should give them a proper farewell before we leave. 

Tiel-chan had been on the verge of death due to my pride and carelessness. And even though the gargoyle had lost 
a few of his limbs, he was still a pretty cool guy, and I wanted to see him again before we left. 

“Sounds like a plan. And Shiek...he’ll be fine. Let’s go.” 

Cecilia and I headed off to Tiel-chan’s home, just the two of us. We had gotten used to the walk through the woods, 
but when we arrived at Tiel-chan’s house we heard a ruckus coming from within. 

“Youki-san, someone’s in Tiel-chan’s home!” 

“Did one of the bandits get away?!” 

Cecilia took up her staff, and with my magic always being ready, we assumed our battle positions. Then, when we 
opened the door to the ruckus... 

“Guardian Deity-sama! To think you would come visit someone as unworthy as me! I apologize for the mess of books 
about the room. Please wait just a moment, I’ll get them all cleaned up right away!” 

“Eeeh, it’s fine, just go back to bed, girl. You’re still not fully recovered! If you don’t, it defeats the whole purpose of 
me coming to tend to you.” 

“There is simply no way I could go back to sleep. I must put away all my books, clean the room, make the tea, and, 


“You don’t have to do anything, just go to bed\\" 

Clad in only her nightgown, Tiel-chan was struggling as the Gargoyle forced her into bed. 

Cecilia was completely blindsided in shock; I, however, had gotten used to such crazy situations a long time ago. 

After she protected him with her own body, I guessed that the gargoyle had become worried and came to see how 
Tiel-chan was doing. It was his intention to nurse her back to health, but when the venerable Guardian Deity-sama 
came to see her, Tiel-chan completely freaked out. 

“Hey, you lot there. Quit gawking and give me a hand! Throwing a fit like this can’t be good for her health.” 

“Guardian Deity-sama, Guardian Deity-sama. May I may be so bold as to request that you call me by my name, 

“Eer, sure. Then...Tiel, you’re not fully recovered, so stay in bed like a good...” 

“Kyaa! Guardian Deity-sama called me Tiel! He really called me by name. Ah, I can die happy now...” 

Her face became red as she went off into her own little world. She held her head in both hands as she swayed back 
and forth in rapture. It looked totally wrong. 

She was probably replaying the gargoyle saying her name on infinite repeat in her head. 

“You won’t die. Instead, knock it off and calm down!” 

As the gargoyle desperately tried to make Tiel-chan lie down, I simply watched on until Cecilia recovered from her 

“...Please forgive me, I lost sight of myself there for a little while. And after you went out of your way to come visit 

„ _ I! 


After complying to the gargoyle’s demands, Tiel-chan finally calmed down. We didn’t want her to flip out again, so the 
gargoyle waited outside the home. 

“N-no really, it’s quite all right. Isn’t it, Youki-san?” 

“Ah, yeah, sure.” 

Cecilia and I both tried to keep our real expressions to ourselves, but inside we wore a forced smile. 

But for her to go that crazy... Just how much did she love that gargoyle? I was worried she might turn into a yandere. 
“But this is perfect. I was just about to go see the two of you myself.” 

“Did you need something from us?” 

“The truth is... I would like for you to take me and Guardian Deity-sama with you to Minerva.” 

She bowed her head very low to us. When she did, the door burst open with a gusto. Hearing us from outside, the 
gargoyle came in. 


“Tiel, what are you talking about...” 

“I beg of you, Cecilia-san, Youki-san! Guardian Deity-sama lost both of his wings and his arm protecting me. His 
body can’t even be repaired with magic. But if we go to Minerva, we might find a way to fix him.” 

She pleaded with us and again lowered her head. 

It’s true that compared to this little mountain village, someone in a place like the largely populated Minerva might be 
able to scrape up some information on a way to heal him, but... 

“What are we gonna do? Cecilia?” 

“I’m sorry, but that’s impossible. Tiel-chan is sick, and I don’t know what we would do about Gargoyle-san. On the off 
chance someone from the village were to discover he was missing from the shrine, it could turn into a huge 

That’s what I figured. Still, I didn’t want Tiel-chan’s efforts to be in vain. If I were to pitch in and help... 

“Cecilia, I think I might have an idea...” 

“...Although I’m very concerned, I suppose I should at least hear you out. Do explain, please.” 

“Well, you see...” 

I went over my plan, and at first Cecilia was reluctant, but I managed to convince her through sheer enthusiasm. 
“Awesome, we have Cecilia’s seal of approval. Isn’t that great?” 

“Now wait just a minute, brat! I have yet to decide if I even want to.. 

“That’s fantastic! Isn’t it, Guardian Deity-sama?” 

Before the gargoyle could finish his retort, Tiel-chan threw her arms around him. After that, the gargoyle couldn’t say 
anything. Dammit...I want Cecilia to hug me like that! 

But I suppressed my earthly desires, and instead explained my great plan to the two of them. 

They both accepted the plan, and we completed the preparations. Then, it came time to bid farewell to the villagers. 

“On behalf of the village, I would like to express our gratitude. We thank you for saving our village from its crisis on 
this occasion.” 

The mayor bowed his head to us. I could get used to being thanked like this. 

“Also, we leave Tiel in your very capable hands.” 

We had informed them we were taking Tiel-chan with us to Minerva in order continue treating her weak condition 
there. It was at least half true. 

She had mostly recovered, but Cecilia was going to ask Celia-san to let Tiel-chan work and live in the Aquarain 
mansion. While she worked there, Shiek would continue to provide her with medicine. 

On the other hand, the gargoyle... 

“...? Youki-dono, what is that statue?” 

Loaded on top of the carriage was, of course, the gargoyle. However, I coated his entire body using my Earth magic, 


and gave him the appearance of large Buddha statue. 

“Ah, sorry. I found a beautiful rock near the village, and I was suddenly taken by my urge to delve into my statue 
sculpting hobby. It turned into quite the masterpiece, so I wanted to take it back with me.” 

“1-1 see. That’s quite an ...interesting hobby you have...” 

Even I think having a statue sculpting hobby is weird. 

I know it’s incredibly rude to people that actually do have a hobby carving statues, but I had to force the words out of 
my mouth. Besides that, I made a new demonic statue to put in the shrine. According to Tiel-chan, hardly any 
villagers visit the shrine anyway, so even if the statue looked a little different, no one would notice. 

After we finished loading up the gargoyle, everyone hopped into the carriage. 

“Goodbye, everyone. May we meet again someday.” 

After saying our fond farewells, the carriage headed out for Minerva. 

After we got back to Minerva, Tiel-chan was successfully hired as a maid, however, my request to display my 
“masterpiece” the gargoyle at the mansion was denied. 

Tiel-chan desperately didn’t want to be separated from the gargoyle and asked numerous times, but each time she 
was turned down. 

Maybe because I was the one that “made” it, Celia-san replied, 

“Youki-kun. If you would like to place a statue in our home, I recommend polishing your ‘style’ a bit more.” 

...she told me with a completely straight face. 

I didn’t have the same aesthetic sense as the people in this world. Just one of the many difficulties I faced being from 
another world. 

In the end, the gargoyle came to live with me in my rented room. 

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Yuusha Party v1c16 

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita - Chapter 16 

is U 

I tried changing the appearance. 

Translation by Solistia 

Proofing/Editing by Lytic, Hakubruh, and Ishman 

“Captain, who and where is the guy that made Shiek cry? Please tell me, or I won’t be able to live with myself if I 
don’t beat him bloody!” 


It was the day after we returned to Minerva. I was tired from the work in Dagaz Village, and was sleeping on my bed 
at the inn when Duke and Hapyneth suddenly burst in through the door to visit. 

With the door making a sudden sound, I jumped to my feet. Word traveled to them way too fast. 

“Hey, chill out guys! .. .Where did you even hear about that?” 

“We already knew Shiek had gone out on a job, so Hapyneth and I were going to welcome him home with a party for 
a job well done. But yesterday when I called out to him, his expression was dark, and I heard the whole story from 
him directly.” 

Come to think of it, Shiek had disappeared at some point after we got home yesterday. 

It happened when I was negotiating with the old man running the inn about putting the gargoyle, disguised as a 
Buddha Statue, into my room. 

Moreover, a party for a job well done? Why those little...why was I the only one not invited...? 

Didn’t I always do my best on my jobs? Granted, even if they invited me I wouldn’t have been able to go, since I was 
negotiating late into the night with the old man at the inn, but still! 

“Rest assured, you guys, I took care of the asshole that made Shiek cry. Broke both his legs and an arm, and tossed 
him into the river.” 

After I told them about my revenge on Mirror, both Duke and Hapyneth shook their heads and had an expressions of 
‘good grief on their faces. Was it something I said? 

“Tsk tsk tsk, you were too soft on him, Captain. If it were me, I would have ground all his bones into dust, then put a 
weight on him and dropped him into the ocean.” 


Isn’t that a little harsh, you guys? 


.. .Well, when you think about what Mirror did, that might have been the way to go about it. 

Still, right now he was floating down the middle of a river somewhere. In the first place, he might not even still be 
alive, so it was fine. 

“Anyway, I took him down, so everything’s all right. ...The real question here is, why aren’t you two at work?” 

Duke was always suited up in his armor so it was harder to tell with him, but Hapyneth was still in her maid uniform. 
And it was still too early for it to be their lunch break, so these two were probably... 

“No problems here. I’ll be getting back soon enough.” 


“No problem my ass! You both blew off work to come here, didn’t you?! Go back, right now!” 

If Raven or Sophia-san caught wind of this it would be unacceptable. And what am I gonna do if I get dragged into 

“But Captain, y’know Shiek right now, no matter what we say, he’s not feeling any better! Aren’t you worried?!” 


I see, so that’s what this is all about. I folded my arms as I went into thought. If even these two couldn’t cheer him 
up, I had no choice but to ask Celia-san. Even if I didn’t ask, she would probably help Shiek, that’s just how she was. 

“Let’s leave this matter to Celia-san. Shiek is already over there anyway.” 

“Is that so? We weren’t able to help, but maybe if it’s Celia-san, she’ll be able to comfort him.” 


They both agreed with me. Maybe now they’d get back to work. 

“Oh right, Captain? I’ve been meaning to ask since I got here, but...what is thaP" 

Duke pointed at the gargoyle’s big Buddha statue form. I wondered if I should tell them the whole story behind it. 

And just as I was mulling it over... 

“I gotta say, it’s butt-ugly. What garbage pile did you pick it up from? It doesn’t match the room, and frankly, it’s in the 
way. You should toss it back in the garbage heap.” 


I couldn’t get a word in edgewise as they continued their trash talking. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the 
Buddha-guised gargoyle shaking slightly. He was obviously listening in. 

“You really need to toss this thing. I can’t even imagine what was going through someone’s head when they were 
making this.” 


“Silence you fools! Running your mouths off like that... I’ll have you know I have not assumed this form of my own 


Even the gargoyle had a limit for the verbal abuse he could take, and understandably blew his top when it was 

Maybe it was because the Buddha statue suddenly began to speak, but they were both instantly surprised, then 
quickly recovered. Duke drew his sword from his scabbard, and Hapyneth began to cast a spell. 

Sensing the danger emanating from their quick reaction, the gargoyle busted out of the Buddha’s body, revealing his 
true form. 

The situation quickly turned critical, but I’d be in trouble if they broke out into a fight here, so I stepped in to stop 

“Chill out! Don’t go wild in the room; who do you think has to pay for repairs if anything gets damaged?! All of you sit! 
Then explanations.” 

I reprimanded all three of them, then explained the gargoyle’s circumstances to Hapyneth and Duke. 

“Heeeeh, is that right? My bad, drawing my sword on you. I’m called the Duke of Dullahan, nice to meet you. And this 
is Hapyneth, a Harpy. She’s a bit short on words, but she’s a good girl. I hope you’ll both get along.” 

“...Well met.” 

“Hrhmm...So you’re the brat’s friends...I am but a mere gargoyle. I have no name. A pleasure to meet you.” 

“It’s gonna make it hard to address you with no name. I wonder if we could give you some kind of nickname...” 

“Ooo, that’s sounds cool, doesn’t it? gives off a strong and manly feeling.” 

“Hmph...Call me what you will.” 


Thank one went wild in the room. And it looks like they’ll all get along well. In this short time their 
friendship even progressed to the stage of using nicknames. Even I thought calling him just “gargoyle” was a 
mouthful. I wondered if it’d be okay for me to call him “Guy” too. 

“But still, to think your disguise was Captain’s fault...I wouldn’t have been able to stand looking like that.” 


“I, myself, had actually thought the same, but in order to blend in with the humans, I had little choice...” 

And just as they were getting along happily, they then all started to bash my Big Buddha masterpiece. So I joined in 
and ‘happily’ gave them a piece of my mind. 

“...You’d better knock that shit off now, you little bastards.” 

In the end, I snapped, and the room turned into a warzone. After causing a ruckus for a while, there was a knock at 
the door. Hapyneth and Duke were one thing, but if anyone saw the gargoyle we’d be in deep shit, so I quickly 
coated him with my earth magic. 

As the Big Buddha proved so unpopular, I tried a different statue this time. And just as I finished the door opened. 


“It appears I was correct in thinking you’d be here...Hapyneth.” 

And it was Sophia-san who’d come to call. 

It was clear how angry she was with the vein popping on her forehead. I more or less understood why. 

“Yesterday, I believe Cecilia-sama left you in charge of training the new maid, did she not ? This is no time to be 
playing around in a place like this. We’ll be returning to the mansion immediately. Ah, Youki-sama. Please allow me 
to thank you for accompanying the Young Miss to Dagaz Village. But I must say...I cannot approve of this statue. 
Now then, we shall take our leave.” 

With a beautiful bow she grabbed the runaway Hapyneth by the scruff of her neck, and just like that she was 
dragged out of the room. 

“...So this is where you were.” 

This time, entering immediately behind Sophia-san, was Raven. 

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday that we were heading out to Dagaz Village today to take the bandits Youki and Miss 
Aquarain caught into custody? We were supposed to depart this morning...but we were waiting on you, Duke. 
C’mon, let’s get going. Also Youki.. .when we get the chance, let’s hang out for real next time.” 

“Oh...okay, next time then.” 

“Next time.. .then. By the way, I think that statue has got to go. It’s different and all, but I’d definitely recommend 
getting a new one. ...C’mon, let’s go.” 

“Captain, we’ll settle this next time!” 

Maybe it was to keep him from running away again, but Raven took Duke by the arms like he was taking him in for 
questioning and left. 

“...I guess that’s that.” 

“Hey dirty dog, just what have you done to my body...” 

Seeing as to how insults had come from all sides today, the gargoyle was irate. Even I was in shock over the matter. 
Sure I hadn’t had much time to think of something, but it wasn’t like I had just tossed something together at random! 

“The Big Buddha was a big failure last time, so I even went to the trouble of thinking up something cool for this 

I thought the Sphinx was amazingly awesome...but for some reason no one else did. I bet it’s all because I was 
reincarnated from elsewhere, and the inhabitants of this world had different aesthetic tastes, that had to be it. It 
looked like I needed to seriously study this world’s fine arts. 

“Forget about that though, this room is an absolute mess. At this rate the repair costs are gonna be ridiculous. ...I’ve 
got enough gold on hand, but I really wanna go bug dayman right about now. It’s been a while, but I think I’ll go stop 
by the guild.” 

“Hey, you’re going to leave me looking like this?! Get your butt back here, you brat!!” 

I ignored the Sphinx-gargoyle and headed out to the Guild to earn some money for the room repairs. 


The guild was lively as always; it wasn’t even noon and there were already a few adventurers knockin’ ’em back. 
And as always, I went right to dayman’s desk, but... 


dayman wasn’t there. There was even a little handwritten sign that noted his absence. 

dayman, that sorry sod, he’d always been lazy and troublesome, but now he’d finally entered the realm of skipping 
work! Could it be, his wife had finally gotten tired of his ways and left him? And that had left him so mentally scarred 
that he’d had to be admitted to a psychiatric ward?! 

“Urn- Pardon me...” 

I was off in my own personal La-La Land of delusions when the pretty young receptionist lady that always worked 
next to dayman called out to me. 

“Oh, sorry about that. I was lost in thought.” 

But I didn’t add that the thought had been about one of her coworkers. 

“No, it’s’re the person who always comes in to talk to the Assistant Guildmaster, right?” 

And just when did I meet such an influential person of power? 

“But the only person I talk to in the guild is dayman...” 

“Isn’t that what I said, the Assistant Guildmaster?” 

It wasn’t just not possible, it was im possible. At work he had 3 requisites: to always be lazy, difficult, and indifferent. 
The name dayman was synonymous with “Lazybones”, and he’s the Assistant Guildmaster?! 

I didn’t realize this world also had something like April Fool’s day. Surely dayman was just waiting somewhere to 
jump out in surprise after writing that little note on his desk. 

“Are you alright? You’ve gazed too long into the abyss, please return to reality!” 

The female employee had grabbed ahold of my shoulders and was shaking me. After my head bobbled around, I 
finally regained my senses. 

“Oh, sorry. My normal everyday routine has been disrupted in an unimaginable way that I just kinda...” 

“Haha...l completely understand.” 

“Oh, I’m sure you do.“ 

“However, although he may complain, he always does do his job well. Whether it’s the reception desk, sorting 
documents, breaking up fights between Adventurers, he can do pretty much anything around the Guild.” 

“You certainly wouldn’t know it just looking at the guy.” 

“Unfortunately with his usual countenance that’s all too true. But, his hard work speaks for itself.” 



She had no reason to lie, so it was likely the truth. 

Speaking of which, dayman did say himself that he wasn’t normally a receptionist, didn’t he. 

“Even during the Hero’s Parade, as a joke the Assistant Guildmaster said everyone but himself should take a paid 
holiday to go see it. And when he did, everyone took him seriously, and for three days he managed the Guild all by 

So that was the day I first came to Minerva then. He was grumbling quite a bit to himself about it, but he did do all 
that work by himself in those following days. 

Even with all his moaning and groaning he still did his job. And whenever I took on a large amount of quests, he 
always processed everything perfectly and easily. 

“So...just what exactly is this Clayman-who-actually-does-a-good-job-at-work up to today?” 

“It has to do with the Guild’s integrity, and is thus not a public matter. However, since you’re good friends with the 
Assistant Guildmaster, I’m sure it’d be all right to tell you. ...Can I trust you not to tell anyone else?” 

“No problem.” 

For privacy’s sake, I drew my ear close to her mouth. 

“The truth is that he and his wife got into a lover’s quarrel. In the end, the Assistant Guildmaster suffered a grievous 
wound that will take a month to fully heal, and is currently hospitalized and getting medical treatment, and took a 
leave of absence.” 

That was the second time today I'd been left slack jawed. I had a sense of deja vu, but still felt like I should at least 
go pay him a visit. 

“Could I trouble you to give me the details of where dayman is hospitalized at? I’d like to pay him a visit.” 

“Sure, that’s fine. The Assistant Guildmaster is currently being hospitalized in the best treatment facility in Minerva. 
You can find it at-“ 

After I finished speaking with the female employee, I found it was only about a 10 minute walk there from the guild. I 
thanked her for her help, and headed out to Minerva’s best medical clinic. 

“...And so, that’s how you came about visiting me?” 


dayman was sprawled out on a bed in the clinic. 

Almost his entire body was covered in bandages, yet he still managed to have that same annoyed look on his face. 
He certainly didn’t look like a patient sentenced to a month in the hospital. Still, this was all done by his wife, just 
what kind of monster was she to go this far? 

“I heard you got into a fight with your wife. I bet you did something to get on her nerves, didn’t you?” 

I mean, this is dayman we’re talking about. If even at home he doesn’t do housework, is lethargic, and still thinks 
everything is bothersome, it would definitely incite rage in his wife. 

‘You’re right about that. It happened on the day of our wedding anniversary. 


Woah, this guy is the worst. What on earth did he do on their anniversary? 

“Let me guess, you forgot your anniversary so your wife beat the crap out of you?” 

Things like anniversaries were very important to girls. However, dayman shook his head, dismissing my theory. 

“Fuck you. Of course I remembered. The thing is, I had to think of a present to get her. It was too much of a hassle 
so I procrastinated, and then the day of the anniversary came...” 

“So you didn’t get her a gift at all? That’s how you ended up like this?” 

“Well, I was out looking for a present, so hard infact, I wound up in a daze, and before I realized it, it was the middle 
of the night. I hurried back to the house, and my always expressionless wife was even more expressionless...” 

“You’re an idiot.” 

There was no hope of not ruining the anniversary. The present is optional, the important thing is celebrating and 
spending time together. 

“Geez, it’s all such a pain in the ass...” 

“It’s your own fault. You need to apologize to your wife!” 

If he did it soon maybe he could still salvage this situation...or maybe not, but at least he might be able to avoid 

“Naw, she ain’t mad anymore. Plus, she’s gonna come pick me up after she’s done with work today. She’s gonna 
nurse me back to health at home-” 

‘I bet you’re jealous, right-?’ his smiling face seemed to brag. ...I knew it, it was deja vu, him talking like this. The 
truth was so far out of my expectations, I ended up just asking dayman out of the blue— 

“...dayman, your wife, she’s a maid, right?" 

“Oo! So you knew. But she’s not just any maid, she’s the Head Maid. Amazing, right?” 

He proudly announced, almost as if he was praising himself, but it was at that moment I finally figured out who 
exactly dayman’s wife was. 


“Huh? How in hell do you know my wife’s name?” 

Shit, I accidently said it out loud. It wasn’t really something to panic about, so I wasn’t exactly worried. But , I didn’t 
want dayman to get any funny ideas, so I quickly explained. 

“Actually, I’m an acquaintance of the Young Mistress of the Aquarain household. Also, one of the maids there is my 
old friend. That’s how I knew about her.” 

And with that, the case should close without any further suspicions. Sure enough, that skeptical look soon returned 
to his usual unmotivated gaze. 

“Sorry, sorry. Didn’t mean to doubt you. But that’s right, there was that one time the Young Lady at my wife’s job 
dropped by to visit. I’m relieved, just thinking about if someone’d done something to my lovely wife... someone-” 


For a split second I felt a large amount of killing intent directed at me. 

With a face that serious, it was hard to believe this was the same lazy guy I knew. I guess he wasn’t the Assistant 
Guildmaster just for show. 

“Hey hey, point your hostility somewhere else! I’d never lay a hand on Sophia-san...” 

“Ah, is that so. Okay then. Sorry ’bout that.” 

What’s wrong with this guy? If he’s that possessive of Sophia-san he shouldn’t be screwing up his wedding 
anniversary. And where’d that serious face from just a moment ago get off to? It’s already turned back into his dull 
everyday face. 

Still, first Sophia-san, now dayman, both of them were pretty big deals. 

...It made me wonder how exactly they’d met. 

“So uh, just where and how did you meet Sophia-san?” 

“Huh? What’s with the bolt from the blue?” 

Probably because of the sudden change of topic, he gave me a dubious look. But as someone who’d fallen in love, 
this guy was more or less a success story if there ever was one. If I heard it from the source of a man whose love 
had turned into could serve as great reference material. 

“Come on, come on. Out with it.” 

“Hmm, well, I was getting tired of sleeping anyway. All right, I’ll tell you the story of our fateful encounter all the way 
through our lovey-dovey marriage ceremony.” 

He clearly put on an attitude of looking down on me as he began, and I suddenly wanted to punch him in the face. 
But, I was the one that brought it up and wanted to know, so I kept my fists down with all my might. 

“So it all started when...” 

From there, dayman proceeded to regale me with his tale. It was supposed to be the story of how he met Sophia- 
san, but turned into how when he was young, he was hailed as a genius, and how awesome he was. 

I hoped that it would lead into something more relevant soon, and nodded and responded when appropriate while 
listening intently. Apparently dayman was a Solo Adventurer up until he was 18, and made Rank A all by himself. 

He was such a genius that he could complete anything and everything with ease, and just when he felt his life had 
become boring, he met Sophia-san. 

“So I was in the Guild, just sipping away on some alcohol at a table, no interest in anything. The Adventurer 
business was too damn boring, I just couldn’t get into it anymore.” 

Other than drinking alcohol, that wasn’t much different from how he was now. But anyhow, he had lost his motivation 
to work. 

“Then someone called out to the likes of me, and that someone was Sophia!” 

It looked as if he remembered that day in great detail, and his whole face lit up. Then, without any of his usual 
laziness, the tone of his voice became empowered. 


“And what do you think she said when she walked up to me?” 

What was this, a pop quiz? I didn’t really give it much thought and just gave an offhanded answer. 

“Did she want to be friends with you?” 


dayman snorted at my answer. Is that how you treat someone after they’ve been listening intently to your story? 

“Sophia came up to me and said, ‘You look like you’re strong and have some free time. If it’s alright with you, I’d like 
to form a Party.'” 


Hearing the response, it definitely sounded like Sophia-san. ‘You look like you’re strong and have some free time’... 
her insight was impeccable. It was easy to spot someone with a lot of time on their hands, but it was much harder to 
tell if someone was strong. 

“I turned her down at first, but because I was drunk off my ass at the time, before I answered I copped a feel. 
Sophia’s a beauty after all.” 

“You really are an idiot.” 

And just what would Sophia-san do if someone did that to her? Even without asking I knew the answer. 

“She soon removed herself from my embrace, and with that expressionless face of hers, she knocked me around 
good. She mercilessly beat me without holding anything back until she was satisfied. Drunk though I was, in my 
whole lazy life of being able to do anything and everything, losing to Sophia was more than a little shocking.” 

“Let me rephrase that, you’re a huge idiot.” 

There’s no reason Sophia-san shouldn’t have won against that carelessly lazy dayman. Or maybe I should point 
out the fact that up to that point he thought he was the strongest person around? 

“And that’s how Sophia and I met.” 

“Wait, that’s it?! What the hell happened after that?” 

“The next day, / was the one who asked if we could be a party, and Sophia very willingly agreed.” 

Agreeing to be in a party after this guy just copped a feel...but she was the one who originally asked him, so I guess 
it’s not completely implausible? 

“After that Sophia and I were golden. We even made a big name for ourselves.” 

‘A big name for ourselves’, normally in a fantasy setting an awesome pair would be known by some kind of special 
title, wouldn’t they? 

“I bet it was some embarrassing chuuni couples name that would turn your ears red just from hearing it.” 

“They called us The Invincible Languorous Couple’.” 

“What’s with that totally unenviable pair name?!” 

That name is 100% dayman’s fault. And with Sophia-san normally being expressionless, she may have actually 


appeared that way to some people. Poor Sophia-san. 

“So after that you two were going steady?” 

“That’s just what the assholes around us called us. It was too much of a hassle for me to do anything about it, and 
Sophia just thought the whole idea was stupid and never rejected the name. And so it became permanent.” 

“Is it really alright to leave that alone...? So soon after that you two tied the knot?” 

Even if they were called such a weird couple, that might not have actually been the case. There should have been a 
moment when the magic happened. 

“Yeah...marriage. Marriage, huh...” 

He suddenly closed his eyes, immersed in his own memories, leaving me sitting here dying to know what 
happened... If I let him go on like that, I’d never hear the ending, so I made quick work of waking him up. 

“Hey! I’m beggin’ ya, finish the story!” 

“Uwa?! Ah, sorry, sorry, I suddenly got hit with a wave of nostalgia.” 

I successfully pulled him out of his world of memories and back into the real world. Did I maybe do something 
bad...? Nah, he can reminisce after I go home. 

“First of all, maybe I should tell you about the proposal that led to our getting married?” 

“Eh?! Did that really happen?” 

“You betcha, as our little duo became closer, seeds of love began to sprout. On one of our days off, we were on 
something of a date.” 

“Love can come out of nowhere, huh?” 

Rather than spontaneous combustion, it was more like spontaneous companionship. 

“Well, right when I popped the question, a really terrible incident occurred...” 

“...Do I really want to hear about this?” 

Maybe he had to convince her parents, or maybe he had another lover on the side, or some other daytime soap 
opera scenario. Was it all right for an outsider like me to hear about this? Feeling my worried tension in the air, 
dayman lightly laughed. 

“I think you might be thinkin’ a bit too hard there. I’ll tell you this, it’s certainly not whatever you’re imagining.” 

What dayman said relieved me. Honestly, I’d seen so many soap operas in my previous life, I’d almost forgotten 
that they don’t actually happen in real life. 

“Then what actually happened?” 

“...I was the one to propose. With all the time we were spending together, I was falling more and more in love with 
Sophia every day. I had spent a life lazing away, but for the first time in my life I wanted to take something seriously.” 

I’m sure he agonized over how to propose seriously without any hint of his normal laziness. All he had to do was just 
declare his honest feelings. There shouldn’t have been any terrible occurrence about it. 


“Ring in hand, I made sure to invite her out to a real classy place to eat. And then I asked her, ‘Wanna get married?'” 
“Isn’t that normal?” 

It wasn’t even interesting, much less a disaster. What terrible thing could possibly happen? 

“Sophia normally went along with whatever I said...but this time, when I asked her, she completely snapped. The 
result was me being laid up for half a year recovering from her assault.” 

dayman went pale at the mere memory of the incident. I vaguely recalled Celia-san telling me a similar story. So it 
was about the day of their proposal. 

“She should have said yes, what reason was there for her to refuse?” 

“...I told Sophia she should stop being an Adventurer. Around that time, I talked about how I might like becoming the 
Assistant Guildmaster. I mean, we were talking about marriage, so I didn’t think I had to tiptoe around the subject. 
And so, she snapped. Apparently, Sophia wanted to continue to be the ‘Invincible Languorous Couple’. And while 
she was beating the shit out of me, I kept trying to convince her...and eventually she gave in.” 

There were so many comebacks I could make, I didn’t even know where to start. 

Why on earth did Sophia want to continue being known as the ‘Invincible Languorous Couple’, where the hell did talk 
of becoming an Assistant Guildmaster come from, but what I wanted to know the most was... 

“...So in the end, you got married and have been living a lovey dovey life every since?” 

“That’s right!” 

dayman cracked a wide grin. I don’t know why he didn’t want to tell the story at first, it was certainly worth a listen, 
wasn’t it? While I was lost in my own thoughts, there was a clanking sound as the door opened up behind me. 

“Dear, I’ve come to pick you up...why is Youki-san here?” 

Coming through the door was Sophia-san in her ever present maid outfit. I heard she was going to come see him, 
but wasn’t this a little early? 

“Ahaha...l’m always bothering dayman at the Guild, so I came to see how he was doing. But I just noticed, it’s not 
even noon, don’t you have work Sophia-san...?” 

“I see, you know my husband through the Guild. Today I was actually supposed to be on leave. But we suddenly had 
a new hire brought on board, and Hapyneth skipped out on the job, it was just one problem after another, and all this 
before morning was even half over.” 

Sophia-san answered in her normal expressionless and indifferent tone. So that’s why when she was chasing after 
Hapyneth earlier she seemed to be in such a bad mood. 

“Honey, you came for me.” 


dayman calls Sophia-san Honey?? ... But Sophia-san very quickly went to dayman’s side and said, 
“And just who is your ‘Honey’?” 


Sophia-san delivered a beautiful dropkick right into dayman’s gut. Sophia-san watched, still expressionlessly, as 
dayman clutched his stomach and tried not to blackout. 

“You always call me Sophia, right?" 

“No, it was just a little joke. Also I can see up your skirt.” 

dayman switched back to his usual lazy self and said something completely unnecessary. If you say something like 
that, she’s gonna kick you again... 

“And what of it? It matters not.” 

“It doesn’t matter?!” 

This was definitely a strange turn of events, so surprising my jaw dropped and the words just flew out. To answer my 
outburst, Sophia-san turned around and stated— 

“He’s my husband after all.” 

I was left at a loss for words. Leaving me like that, Sophia-san put her arm under dayman’s shoulder to help stand 
him up. 


Well, I’m off, see you back at the Guild. My body is ridiculously hardy, so I should be back in about a week.” 
Now then Youki-sama, if you’ll excuse us. For visiting my ailing husband, I humbly thank you.” 


No matter how many times I saw it, Sophia-san’s bows were always beautiful. She left with dayman, him waving his 
hand goodbye. After saying their farewells, they both left the room. 

“...I better get home.” 

I headed out of the clinic back to my lonely abode by myself. 

Walking back in with a deflated aura, the Guy-turned-Sphinx asked what was wrong, but I ignored him and threw 
myself on the bed. 

Seeing those two happily together, I wasn’t able to admit how jealous I was. I also wanted to have a happy marriage 
like that. 

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Yuusha Party v1c17 

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita - Chapter 17 


I tried to pay a call. 

Translation by Solistia 

Proofing/Editing by Hakubruh, Lytic, Neo(Xant & Minions), & Wafflez 

The next day I got to know even more about dayman and Sophia-san’s lovey-doveyness. 

I was so jealous of the two of them that I became love sick. I didn’t want to do anything other than go see Cecilia. I 
passed on going to the guild in favor of writhing in agony on my bed. 

“Hey, brat. I thought so yesterday, but honestly, you’re being very annoying!” 

“...It’s whatever-. Just leave me alone-.” 

“Yeargh, I’m getting irritated just looking at you! I’m sure you’re just longing to see that cleric girl, aren’t you? So just 
get out of here and go see her!” 

Guy’s right. If I go see Cecilia, my love sickness will be instantly cured. But I hadn’t made any plans to see her today. 
And the likelihood of her already being engaged in some clerical work was so high there was almost zero chance of 
her even being home. Plus, Guy’s just running his mouth off like it’s easy to meet up with Cecilia. 

“...Even if I want to see her, I can’t. Dammit!” 

“Ugh, hey brat, what are you...” 

I was extremely pissed off, so I changed Guy’s appearance again. Instead of the Sphinx, he was now the beautiful 
Venus de Milo. I might have been irritated, but I didn’t do a half-assed job. 

“Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.” 

“Hogwash! The last one was better! Change me back!” 

I ignored Guy’s pissing and moaning and lied back down on the bed. I went to all the trouble of making a new statue, 
no way I was gonna change him back. I didn’t pay any mind to Guy’s furious complaints and went to sleep. 

I awoke to the sound of someone knocking on the door. I got up off the bed, still half-asleep. I only slept for about an 
hour, and with such an insufficient amount of rest, my sleepy brain didn’t want to work. 

I scratched my head, wondering who could possibly be at the door. 


“Youki-saaan, are you there?” 

Wasn’t that Cecilia’s voice behind the door? 

“I’m here, I’m here! Gimme just a minute!” 

To think Cecilia would come and visit me! I quickly changed out of my sleepwear into my everyday clothes, making 
myself presentable. After quickly picking up the room, I opened the door in the highest of spirits. 

“Pardon my intrusion.” 


There was Cecilia in everyday clothes, with a hat and glasses to hide her identity. Also disguised in plain clothes, 
and not her normal maid attire, was Hapyneth. 

What was the story behind Hapyneth being here too? I was stoked that Cecilia came to see me, but I had hoped it 
would be just the two of us... I guess that was just wishful thinking. Anyway, Guy was already in the room, and just 
her coming here was enough to put me on cloud nine. 

“I apologize, coming to call without notice. I hope I’m not disturbing you?” 

Cecilia looked very apologetic. Of course she wasn’t disturbing me! Rather, she was more than welcome. I wanted 
her to come. To treat the love sickness of wanting to see her, this was just what the doctor ordered. Hapyneth had a 
strange look on her face as if she could see what I was thinking. 


She said as she looked down on me with disdain. Why did she feel the need to go so far as to say that? What’s 
wrong with thinking about the girl I like?! As Hapyneth and I glared at each other, Cecilia humbly asked, 

“Excuse me...Youki-san?” 

“What is it, Cecilia?” 

“May we please enter the room?” 

“...Oh, right.” 

Even if we were having a throwdown, it’s not like we couldn’t continue inside the room. I put our staring contest on 
pause and let them into the room. 


Immediately after entering, Hapyneth asked after me in a confused manner. 

“What’s up?” 

“...Where’s Guy?” 

“Isn’t he over there?” 

I pointed to the Venus de Milo. He didn’t say anything, making me wonder if he was asleep. After staring at Guy for 
five seconds, Hapyneth only said one word. 



Why not?! 

It can’t be that she found fault with this statue too? First the Sphinx, now the Venus de Milo?! I made it while I was in 
a foul mood, but I don’t remember cutting any corners. 

“What do you think, Cecilia?” 

“M-me?! Urn...” 

Suddenly being asked to comment on the topic, she faltered at first. I couldn’t help thinking she was adorable while I 
waited for her answer. 

“I think, it’s a bit unappealing...” 


I struck out with Cecilia too. That’s three losses in a row. I could only feel that the world of fine arts was too profound 
for me at present. 

“...So, what brings the two of you here today?” 

I’d have to think a lot harder about what to change Guy into next time, but for now I asked why those two were here. 
“...Laugh at Captain.” 

“And just what do you mean by that, Hapyneth-sanT 

Going out of her way to bother Cecilia into accompanying her on her day off, Hapyneth came here just to make fun 
of me? 

I can think of a million more productive ways to spend a day off. Once again, Hapyneth and I were staring each 
other down until Cecilia came in to mediate. 

“Hapyneth-chan, please don’t joke around. And Youki-san, please control yourself...” 

Under Cecilia’s instruction, we both backed off. Back in the Demon Lord’s Castle this was a normal occurrence, but 
this time I suppose it was fine not to deliver the finishing blow. 

“Have you both finally calmed down? Then let’s get down to business...except that we really did come by just to 

I thought they were here for something important, but I guess not. 

In order to lessen Hapyneth’s burden and get Teal-chan hired as a maid at the mansion, Cecilia had quickly finished 
up her work in Dagaz village. And now she had the day off. 

I was glad for Hapyneth getting an extra helping hand. 

“Which reminds me, how has Shiek-kun been lately...?” 

Cecilia recalled what had happened to Shiek at Dagaz village. Because of Mirror, the hero of the Gallis Empire, 
Shiek had been wounded both body and soul. 

“Well, he still seems to be depressed about it.” 

I see...that’s quite worrying. 


It wasn’t just Cecilia; Duke, Hapyneth, and I were all worried about him. 

Still, it was a steep hurdle for him to get over. He didn’t come back to the Inn last night either, so I had no idea where 
he was. 

“...Okay now.” 



Hapyneth made both of us exclaim in surprise. Just yesterday, Hapyneth was over here agonizing about it, what 
changed in only a day? 

“Has Shiek finally snapped out of it?” 

“...Not yet. But Celia-san has a plan.” 

“My mother does?!” 

When we interrogated Hapyneth further, we found out Shiek was staying at the Aquarain mansion. 

“You didn’t know, Cecilia?” 

“No. Yesterday I spent all day reporting about the happenings we encountered in Dagaz village...” 

So she didn’t know because she’d been too busy lately. 


Yesterday, Celia-san had some business in town. When she was done and getting back in her carriage, she found 
Shiek trudging along by himself. Noticing something was amiss, Celia-san took Shiek into the carriage and headed 
back to the mansion. 

“...Did Mother essentially kidnap him then?” 

“Something like that, but since he’s under my care, I’ll forgive her.” 


After they returned, Celia-san got the whole story from Shiek. 

She silently listened to him as he recounted how Mirror completely crushed and humiliated him, and he was so 
vexed he began to cry. She held onto him and gently stroked his head until he ran out of tears. 

And once he had exhausted himself from crying, he fell asleep and stayed overnight at the mansion. It should also 
be mentioned it took about 30 minutes to get the whole story out of Hapyneth. 

“I didn’t realize something like that occurred at the mansion yesterday. I could expect no less of my mother.” 

Maybe it was because she was in the business of healing others, but Cecilia was touched by her mother’s ability to 
soothe Shiek’s pain. Cecilia herself had tried to cheer him up, but it looks like no one but Celia-san could pull it off. 

Considering Shiek’s circumstances, it looked like I hit the mark thinking that, of any of us, Celia-san could break him 
out of his stupor. 



“For me?” 

“...Relinquish custody of Shiek.” 

“Wait wait, why didn’t you mention that earlier?” 

That really did sound like something a kidnapper would request. But, even hearing it said like that, I honestly didn’t 
have a problem with it. 

“Tell her I said it’s fine.” 


“I had planned to ask her anyway. This just eliminates the need for me to ask her in person, I guess.” 

“Is that so?” 

Cecilia was the only one who looked confused. Hapyneth and I knew Shiek well, so for us, it was just a matter of 

“Well, yeah. For Shiek, Celia-san is more like a mother to him than his own mother was. As for why, it’s a long story, 
so I’ll tell you some other time.” 

It was a very important story about Shiek, and I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it unless he himself were here. I 
would tell Cecilia later when the chance arose. 

“Okay, I understand.” 

“So, now that the matter of Shiek and Celia-san has been settled... I have something else to discuss.” 

I quickly changed the subject to what I’d witnessed of Sophia-san and dayman’s lovey-dovey married shenanigans 

I’d heard dayman’s side of the story, but hadn’t had a chance to hear Sophia-san’s. 

If anyone, Cecilia should be able to shed some light on Sophia-san’s adventurer days. 

“Yesterday I heard a friend of mine was hospitalized, so I went to pay him a visit. When I got there, I found out he 
was Sophia-san’s husband.” 

I was thinking about how nice they had it when they were regaling me with their story, and told Cecilia about it. 
Starting from how dayman got hospitalized, to the vomit-inducing lovey-dovey atmosphere that eventually made me 
go home. But, halfway through my tale, I found myself getting frustrated with how good dayman had it, and was 
downright irritated by the end. 

Even that dayman had tied the knot. He lived every day in wedded bliss with Sophia-san. I hadn’t even gotten a 
girlfriend yet! 

Thanks to the irrational anger, the two looked at me curiously as I became more and more intense. When I finally 
finished the story, Cecilia opened her mouth and said, 

“Actually, I just spoke with Sophia-san yesterday. You were there too, weren’t you Hapyneth-chan?’ 
Hapyneth nodded her head affirmatively. 


“...Directly after...severe scolding.” 


It must have happened just after she was dragged back from being discovered to have skipped out on work. Just 
from looking at the expression on Hapyneth’s face, it must have been a heavy scolding. It couldn’t have been 
revenge on Hapyneth for making Sophia-san late for her fun time with, no, Sophia-san isn’t that kind of 
person... right? 

Without so much as a worry, Cecilia began to talk about the events from yesterday. 

“Yesterday, after eating breakfast, I was putting together my report about Dagaz village, but I took a brief respite in 
the courtyard when...” 

At the entrance to the courtyard, she caught Sophia-san scolding the ever-expressionless Hapyneth. Spotting 
Cecilia as she was passing by, Hapyneth begged Cecilia with her eyes to save her. The kind Cecilia couldn’t bear to 
leave her like that, and stepped in to mitigate the situation. 

“Sophia-san, I think it’s about time to forgive Hapyneth-chan...” 

Hearing Cecilia’s voice, Sophia-san immediately bowed elegantly before her. 

“I bid you good morning, my lady. However, because Hapyneth left in the middle of work to go visit Youki-sama, I 
must take special care so it does not happen again." 

Sophia-san declared sternly, and Cecilia was unable to say anything back. As Sophia-san carefully explained the 
situation to Cecilia, firmly crushing her last ray of hope, Hapyneth was left in despair. 

Thus, the reprimand continued...and, by chance, Cecilia also stayed. For both Hapyneth and Cecilia, the lecture 
seemed to last forever. 

“Haah...l suppose that’s enough for today. Please take care not to do this again in the future.” 


Hapyneth was left in fairly poor spirits, and Cecilia was keenly aware of how pitiful the girl was at the moment. It was 
her own fault; I don’t think there needed to be such a fuss over it. 

“Now then, it simply won’t do to dawdle here any longer.” 

“...Was there something going on today?” 

Sophia-san appeared to be in a hurry for some reason, which made Cecilia ask what it could possibly be about. 

“No, I simply meant to take today as a holiday...” 

Thinking the maid must have been overworked since Cecilia brought Tiel-chan back with her, Cecilia quickly went to 
bow and apologize when, 

“My lady, it is no fault of yours, please do not worry yourself over it...if anyone here is at fault then...” 

She quickly glanced at Hapyneth. Doing so caused Hapyneth to curl up into a ball out of fear. She couldn’t handle 
the glare of a former Rank-A adventurer. 

“Now, now, Hapyneth-chan is reflecting on her actions...” 


Fearing another lecture, Cecilia attempted to pacify Sophia-san. Thanks to her persuasion, Sophia-san remembered 
she was in a hurry. 

“I suppose you’re right. She, herself, has expressed remorse, and I must quickly be away to the Medical Clinic.” 
“Medical Clinic?! Sophia-san, are you feeling unwell?!” 

Cecilia was mistaken again, this time thinking that Sophia-san needed to go to the medical clinic because she was 
feeling under the weather, and in her confusion tried to figure out what was wrong. She had finally gotten a holiday 
to rest her weary body, but forced herself to come back to the mansion...were likely the thoughts running through 
Cecilia’s head. 

“My lady, please calm yourself, I am in perfect health. I was only going to visit my husband.” 

“...Your husband? My apologies, I misunderstood. But pray tell, what happened to your husband?” 

“He suffered an injury that would take one month to fully recover from...” 

She stated in her normal indifferent tone, not showing the slightest hint of anxiety. Cecilia was surprised, and 

“H-how terrible?! What on earth caused such an injury?” 

Cecilia understood from her mother that Sophia-san used to be an adventurer, as well as a duo in the guild with 
dayman, eventually marrying him. All the more hearing that a former rank-A adventurer would suffer such a 
grievous wound, she couldn’t possibly imagine what happened. 

Seeing Cecilia so worried, Sophia-san realized her choice of words caused the girl’s troubled expression, and set to 
assuage her fears. 

“Please excuse my poor choice of phrasing. Truthfully, you could say he was taking responsibility for his actions...” 

At that, even the forgotten Hapyneth couldn’t help but also be dumbfounded with her mouth agape. If I’d been there, 

I likely would have reacted the same. 

“Urn...what do you mean by that?” 


After regaining her composure, Cecilia sought a proper explanation from Sophia-san’s cryptic comment. Even 
Hapyneth, who had been afraid to jump into the conversation until that point, desired to know the truth. 

“As I must not delay further, I shall be brief: I spent our anniversary alone, and in my anger I wound up beating him 



That would have been the perfect chance for a great comeback, yet neither of them pounced on the opportunity 
Sophia-san presented. 

Hapyneth aside, to think that Cecilia would let it slip by... 


“But, to think that he was late because he was searching for a present for me...It is very like my husband, I must 

Hearing that response, the two clearly saw Sophia-san chuckle a bit. In the end, Sophia-san left the two like that as 
she excused herself, skillfully turned away, and left the mansion still in her maid uniform. 

“And that concludes what happened yesterday.” 

“Ah man, they’re totally a lovey-dovey couple, aren’t they?” 

What’s with that sudden affection?! Now I really wanted to know what would have happened if dayman had actually 
bought her a present. 

“Hapyneth, you haven’t run into Sophia-san yet today, have you?” 


“How was she?” 

“...Terrified me.” 

Taking care of dayman, I thought she’d be in better spirits. Does that mean, dayman did something again? 

u jj 

Oh, so she was in good spirits. What terrified Hapyneth was just Sophia-san’s uncharacteristic smile. I kinda wanted 
to see it myself. And just as I thought that, I realized I still hadn’t heard what I’d come to desire to learn! 

I still didn’t hear anything about their adventurer days! I’d already had enough of their lovey-dovey tales! I wanted 
the dirt on their crazy adventures they had together! 

“Cecilia, do you have any stories from when Sophia-san was still an adventurer?” 

“If you ask me so suddenly.. .oh, I do know one that my mother told me.” 

“Tell me, tell me!” 

I urged Cecilia on. Interesting story, here we come! Seeing me acting like an overexcited kid, Cecilia laughed to 

“All right, here’s what I heard.” 

“...That’s enough, Cecilia.” 

Looking outside, the day was almost over. After she started, Cecilia regaled me an episode of the “The Invincible 
Languorous Couple” without stopping to eat or drink anything...but... 

“Why do all their stories eventually end so sweetly. 


Looking forlorn, Cecilia apologized. I wasn’t really blaming her, she’s not the one at fault so there’s no need to 



Hapyneth got bored halfway through and fell sound asleep on top of my bed. 

“Seriously, what’s with those two...” 

She told me a story of soon after Sophia-san and dayman met. 

It was fine that they formed a duo, but Sohpia-san seemed to have some reservations about it. Before partnering 
with dayman, she’d formed parties with numerous other adventurers. However, Sophia-san very much went at her 
own pace, so she didn’t meld well with other adventurers. 

It often ended up that the powerful Sophia-san would be unhurt, but her fellow party members would suffer grievous 
wounds. The other members would call out Sophia-san for choosing quests outside of their comfort zone, and 
eventually the parties would disband. 

However, the lazy dayman, for all his moaning and groaning, still managed to keep up on the quests Sophia-san 

Then, one day, about a month after their duo formed, sitting across from each other at a table in the Guild while 

“...If it’s that bothersome for you, why don’t we just disband the party?” 

Thinking dayman was forcing himself to keep up with her, Sophia-san proposed the break up the duo. dayman 
gulped down his alcohol, then brought the glass to rest on the table as he looked Sophia-san dead in the eye. 

“These quests are damn annoying, it’s true, but being with you, Sophia, isn’t troublesome at all, so it’s impossible to 
break up.” 

After that, the seeds of love began to sprout...’the hell kind of story is this?! 

Again, it was a tale of how the “The Invincible Languorous Couple” came to be. 

Once, some brave rogues foolishly tried to hit on Sophia-san. 

Sophia-san was sitting at the Guild’s bar while dayman was taking care of some business elsewhere, when a drunk 
threesome came in. Of all the people they could have chosen to get involved with, they chose Sophia-san. 

They hit on Sophia-san while laughing with vulgarity. 

“Excuse me, but can I help you with something?” 

She asked in her normal tone of voice. Unafraid, she dealt with the rogues without any resistance, causing them to 
falter. And that was when dayman returned. 

“Oh, they hitting on you? What a bother. Troubling isn’t it? Why don’cha come over here Sophia, we’ll go to another 

That’s normally the part where you rescue the damsel in distress, so he gestured for Sophia-san to accompany him. 
Sophia-san slipped out between the rogues and went to dayman’s side. 

“If I must. Where shall we go?” 

Of course, the rogues wouldn’t let them get away that easily, and cornered the two. However... 


“Agh, what a drag, seriously, knock that shit off...” 

He grabbed one of the rogues’ shoulders and forced him to sit, effectively stopping the fight before it started. I’m sure 
he thought it’d be too much hassle to actually fight them. A particularly persistent rogue got sent flying by a kick from 

A Guild employee just happened to witness the event, and seeing dayman’s lethargic laziness and Sophia-san’s 
strength, together she dubbed them the “The Invincible Languorous Couple”. That’s how they wound up with the 
name of their duo. 

That by itself would have made for an interesting story. 

But, the actual ending of the story took place shortly after that incident, when they went to a different bar to go 
drinking again. Amidst their complaints about the rogues, dayman said, 

“Jeezus, what a bunch of aggravating assholes. Interrupting my precious time with Sophia...” 

Yep, that’s what he said. 


Damn he was pretentious in the past. He probably thought he was the strongest there ever was. The dayman of 
today had considerably matured into an adult. All hail the lazy Assistant Guildmaster. 

“Well, it’s time I take my leave. Hapyneth-chan, it’s time to wake up.” 

Cecilia gently shook the sleeping Hapyneth awake. 


Cecilia pulled the still-sleepy girl out of bed. 

“Now then, if you’ll excuse me. ...Also, Youki-san, perhaps you might be interested in going Clariness Castle?” 

“I said...perhaps. Well then.” 

Without any explanation, Cecilia went back home. 

Me, go to the castle?! 

Not understanding a thing, several days passed, and I really did end up going to the castle. 

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